I LOVE DISNEY and really all things Disney.
Here are my snippets from many magical moments.
{In all honesty there isn't a way to adequately capture how wonderful Disney World and Disneyland truly are unless you experience it - here is a small taste of a few of my experiences - once again I am attempting to get better at blogging about all this and sharing them with you all - if you have questions please feel free to ask.}


-This will be a great Disney year for us, I am traveling in January with Lucy and a friend to Disney on sort of a last minute random trip. ANNNDDD in November Marc, Lucy, my parents, a friend, and I are going down to WDW for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon and the Food and Wine Festival, so look for lots of Disney to come in 2015


Tinkerbell Half Marathon
Animal Kingdom
Hollywood Studios
Magic Kingdom
Epcot & Magic Kingdom
Magic Kingdom
Animal Kingdom
Jingle Jungle Parade - Animal Kingdom
Coast to Coast Photobook


Disney 2011 Photobook

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