Thursday, November 14, 2013

Walt Disney World - Epcot and Magic Kingdom

Today we have early dinner reservations at the Coral Reef. I LOVE this place, I love sitting and watching all the fish, sharks, and what not swim by while we eat. I am fascinated by it and there is a little bit of a freaky factor when you start to think about how much water must be in that tank and what could happen if the glass were to break. However, I realize that the glass is crazy thick and all will be well - and really it only freaks me out for a few seconds and then I am back to eating my delightfulness.

Tonight we have tickets to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. LOVE THIS, I have been to this party before, I think I was there two years ago, and LOVED IT! This will be a marvelous end to our vacation. Yes, this will be another opportunity to take 12,000 photos. I am curious to know how many photo pass pictures we will have by the time we get home, I am thankful they are unlimited in the number we can have.

Thoughts on the photopass: we love getting it and when we split it between the 6 people in our party it is totally worth it. We then get the cd and have it mailed to one of us but then we all get the pictures eventually. It is really wonderful when I am wandering the parks by myself and want a picture of just me. It is also great for when we want a whole group picture and then we don't have to have all 6 of our cameras out for the picture, we know we will get a copy of it.

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