Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Jingle Jungle Parade - Animal Kingdom

While at Walt Disney World I always love the rides and attractions, but I also love all of the live performances from the stage shows, to the performances of different kinds, to the parades (which really are a production in and of themselves). One of the parades we got to see while we were down at WDW (and potentially one of my favorite parades) is Mickey's Jungle Parade, which during the holiday season is transformed into "Mickey's Jingle Jungle Parade". It is much of the same as the Jungle Parade just with a holiday twist, all the floats are decked out in holiday paraphernalia, characters are in their holiday wear, Christmas music booms from the floats, and everything is covered in red and green.

One of the reasons I love this parade is, as you will note in several of the floats that come through, mostly the over sized animals are powered by people. The animals are hooked up to the people and they walk or bike them throughout the parade route. There are of course also the motor powered floats as well. Take a glimpse through some of my pictures from the parade (I am almost embarrassed to confess that this isn't even a fraction of my photos from the parade... ooops). ENJOY!

Do you like parades?
Do you have a favorite parade?
          I do always love the Macy's Day Parade and the Rose Bowl Parade
What are some of your favorite things at WDW?
Do you take a ton of pictures on vacation?
What do you do with all of your pictures?

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  1. I like this parade too. I just ran Mickey's jingle Jungle 5K through Animal Kingdom for the first time! I do take lots of pictures and i have been really good at printing them and making books up till the last several years. At some point it becomes overwhelming!