Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Labor Day 2017

We began early like 12:15am - one child is up pulling on her ears.
      Ear infection strikes at the wee hours.
      The great debate - do we take her into the ER or
                 do we try to hold out until urgent care opens at 8:00am?
                  We give her tylenol and decide to hold out.
                   The night passes slowly.

5:30 am all but one kiddo is up and ready to go for the day
One child in attempts at being helpful and passing out milk to the others manages to launch a new 32 ounce container of yogurt out of the fridge shattering it and sending it splattering everywhere.

Somewhere in here, I wish it was an option to head back to bed - to curl back up and start over again. While friends are posting pictures of ideal days filled with time at the beach, long hikes, and miscellaneous type family bonding experiences, Marc and I are merely putting this one on the calendar as: WE SURVIVED.

Other highlights from the day include:

  • a nap rebellion resulting in a MASSIVELY cranky kid who desperately needed a nap and is trying to navigate the waters of learning she has some independence and freedom as she grows older
  • a baby who didn't want to nap in his bed - but was exhausted
  • children who decided that, despite the fact that they loved cantaloupe yesterday today they would fight it - refuse to try it - to even bring it near their lips as if it were some type of kryptonite that would take away all of their powers instantly
    • we don't force our kids to eat, if they are hungry they will eat what is on the plate before them, if not it goes back in the fridge until they decide they are hungry, they do not have to eat everything that is served, but they must take a bite and at least try everything once
    • contrary to popular belief by the tiny humans: fruit snacks, graham crackers, and m&ms are not a well rounded meal and one does not get to have that for one's entire source of nutrition
  • folks in the grocery store who felt the need to make snarky comments about the number of children we had in tow
    • let's all just agree to go back to the good ol' days where "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" 
  • must have been a full moon, because it was almost as if the children had come into collaboration together and decided one at a time they would test our limits and push any known buttons that we have
  • a child who learned that he can now throw is his food and Dakota (our beloved golden retriever) will not only love you more but come back time and time again to get more and her tail will wag uncontrollably in love and adoration which you will find HILARIOUS
  • a child who has learned to pull herself up on things but has not yet figured out how to get back down and as a result when wanting to get back down a blood curdling scream will ensue as if one is losing a limb
  • Rain. Lots of rain in the afternoon/early evening
    • while usually we just let the kids go play in the rain, it was a COLD rain and I don't want to risk getting everyone sick and worn down this early in the year
  • a storm knocking down the front pillar on our house
    • thank God for a handy husband who quickly cleaned up the bats 
  • the Chinese restaurant which needed to run SUPER SLOW on our pick up order and the children were going NUTS in the van waiting

At the end of the day: our kids were fed, bathed, and snuggled & read to sleep as we prayed they were fall asleep and stay asleep for the night. Marc and I counted it as victory as we split a Hershey's cookies and cream bar as we tried to defeat the mountain of laundry and dishes and prep for this week.

Why do I share this? Because some day when my kids are older and sleep through the night, I want to look back and laugh - I want to remember the days of small children, the good ones, the tough ones, and the ones that seemed straight up ridiculous (that was yesterday for us). I share because I want there to be someone bearing witness on the internet to the less than picturesque life of parenthood. I share, because there are days like this. While some are picture perfect or at least have picture perfect days, labor day 2017 was not one of those for us. There were moments, when the kids played great, when we were snuggled on the couch reading books, but those moments are found in the shadows of the other side of parenting.

How was your labor day?

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