Thursday, November 21, 2013

Magic Kingdom

I have decided that you all are just going to have to deal with a plethora of Disney in the next while, mostly because I have literally over 3,000 photos to sort through, and while yes, I know they are not all amazing, I want to be able to share a good ton of them with you. Also, in this post I will only be doing some highlights of different things not my review of everything. And please note I do promise there will be one on each park coming as well as one on: Wine & Dine Half Marathon, Wine & Dine Food and Wine Festival, Mickey's Very Merry Magical Christmas Party, Character meet and greets, photopass, magic bands, and I am guess one on yummy meal places. Soooooo much to write about and soooooo many (yes, probably excessive, but it is what it is) pictures to sort through. I will try to not overwhelm you all with all pictures and try to include some text. 
   Anyways, without further adieu here we gooooooooo......  The new fantasyland is now opened and wonderful. The new expansion is fairly wonderful, however they do not yet have the new minecart ride up and running, I imagine it will be open in the not too distant future because they were working on it like CRAZY while we were there and it has some serious structure to it and it appears they are working around the clock (or nearly). It looks like it will be awesome.
   Be Our Guest is now open (and amazing, review to come) as is Gaston's Tavern. Gaston's features all sorts of food from: pork shanks, to cinnamon rolls, and LeFou's Brew - which is a sugary frozen apple drink. The pork shank deeply resembled the turkey leg in my opinion, I wasn't brave enough to try it (due to the millions of other amazing options at Magic Kingdom) but one of my party did try it and he said it was very similar in taste to a turkey leg. The LeFou's Brew, was tasty but way to sweet for my liking, however another member of our party thought it was the best thing since sliced bread.
      I always, always, ALWAYS, love the electrical light parade, I have a ton of pictures of it. I love the music with lots of lights. SOoooooooo fun, and I remember watching this parade when I a kid. There is something ridiculously magical about this parade for me. Love it! 
     While normally I am anti-Christmas until after Thanksgiving however, it was fabulous to see mainstreet all lit up for Christmas. It was great to hear the Christmas carols and feel the festivities. I will post more about Mickey's Very Merry Magical Christmas Party in another post, in short, it was AWESOME. 
       The ride lines were short, we really didn't have to wait more than about ten minutes for anything so we got to ride things over and over again and then combined with our magic bands we were set to go. I will post more on the magic bands in another post. We also got to visit all the characters we wanted, while I am not huge into visiting the characters, I do think it is fun to stop by and get my picture with some of them from time to time. 

The jungle cruise was converted to the jingle cruise
Can't go wrong with the stage shows

What is your favorite part of Magic Kingdom?
Do you have a favorite Disney character?


  1. Disney is just awesome no matter what!

  2. Jealous!!! Its been 18 years since I've seen Disney!

  3. These are awesome pictures, Sarah!! :0) I could see pictures of Disney all day every day and never get tired of them. So glad you had a fun time! Favorite part of the MK is Main Street - I love the feeling and the's unlike any other! Favorite character is Mickey Mouse. :0)