Tuesday, March 24, 2015


In my list of things I want to do/learn this year, gaining/improving my iMovie skills is towards the top. I was recently hanging out with a few friends and one of them showed us a movie she had made from a trip they took this past summer, it was a super creative way to quickly show us pictures and videos from their trip to Yellowstone. The video had some background music during the photo portion as well as some videos inserted here and there. She then shared with me that she had created the movie with iMovie (a program I already own) - which is challenging me to learn how to use some of the programs we already have on our mac. I have zero intent on creating movies for every trip we take but I would like to be able to create a movie for some of the bigger trips we take. It seems like a great way to do a quick (5ish or so) movie to recall our trip. Yes, I do photobooks, but it would be nice to be able to watch a quick movie from our trip.

Do you use iMovie?
Any tips or tricks?

I am going to start monkeying around with it and starting playing with it and see where I end up. I am thankful for the copious amount of people who have created youtube tutorials to help people like me out.

What programs do you frequently use on your computer?

I am realizing that I am a documentarian. I love being able to record life and preserve it to remember what we did and remember what we did and look back at some of the pictures we have taken or the videos we have made.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

What's on my hook

With Valentine's day long past I am over working on hats, HOWEVER, I did decide that Lucy needed a new hat for spring. I made the Easy Sunhat by Mamachee out of a cotton yarn. I really like how incredibly quickly it worked up (it took me less than a movie to make) and how fun it is for spring.  It is time to get rid of the super warm winter hats around here. I am glad I found this pattern. I need to work up a spring hat for myself because my current winter hat is wool and that is FAR too warm for this time of year. A dear friend of mine (who is a crochet rockstar) suggested the Galilee hat in cotton, which I agree would be amazing for a spring hat, so I think I am going to go for that and see how it turns out. The Galilee hat is one of my favorite hats to work up. My husband Marc may also need to get a new spring hat, however, I refuse to make us matching hats, that is strange to me.
I also am FINALLY working on my mom's blanket that she requested years ago (literally), so it should get done this year. I maybe will show you a preview of the squares at some point but I am enjoying it for now, however, I can only do a couple squares and then do something else so I don't get bored with it. 

I also some how stumbled upon these two cute patterns one for the giraffe and one for the sweet little bird and to make it even better, both of these patterns are FREE. Whoop whoop for free patterns. I used cotton yarn for both of these as well. I ordered my eyes off of amazon because I couldn't find ANY in the town I live in or a bigger city near by (thank God for Amazon prime - I am impatient). These were my first attempts at making something other than hats, scarves, booties, blankets, etc. It was quite the challenge, not so much in the making of the individual pieces but the assembly took me a little longer than I had anticipated for the giraffe, the bird was a piece of cake to assemble as it only has two wings, and the tail to add on. The beak of my bird is a piece of felt. I now have added several other projects along this line to my to do list. My favorite crochet blog (www.mooglyblog.com) has been featuring some fun projects lately. 

I have started my next dream list of projects for things I would like to crochet:

  • Finish Mom's blanket
    • Goal: finish this by the end of 2015 {Fingers crossed and determination will make this happen}
  • Make Lucy a doll for her birthday {July 2}
  • Spring hat for me
  • Spring hat for Marc
  • Make a couple headband accents for Lucy
  • Very Hungry Caterpillar
  • a dinosaur

Who knows what else will happen or what will get scrapped from the list in hopes of something more appealing?! Oh the joys of crocheting!

Friday, March 20, 2015

March Training Update

With my recent registration to the Wine and Dine Half Marathon as well as the dead of winter being over I am finally feeling a bit rejuvenated in terms of training. It is NUTS to think that my first half marathon in almost 2 years is coming up next month. I am excited and nervous all at the same time. I also have been doing some work on getting prepared for my first triathlon (WHICH SCARES THE CRAP OUT OF ME). I ordered a tri kit online because I wasn't finding anything I liked or fit (apparently all women triathletes are short and don't need long shirts - or they were managing to get to the stores before me to buy the long ones).


  • I HATE the treadmill and am looking forward to spring and running outside more than I care to admit
  • I WISH we had a running group in our area that I could take part in - we have a group that meets but they run together on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings {which if you are working in the church these times will NEVER work}
  • We have had a few warmer days which has broken up the ice on the roads which means I HAVE BEEN ABLE TO RUN OUTSIDE a few times {REJOICE}
  • running with a stroller definitely has a learning curve and I haven't mastered it yet


  • I am also ready to get off the bike trainer and get outside 
  • I am loving my new computer on my bike which gives me my speed and how my cadence is as well as my distance and average speed
  • Here shortly I should be able to get outside and start biking
    • we are getting a bike trailer for Lucy when the REI members only sale happens so we get a 20% off coupon


  • At the moment I am getting in one good swim a week - which I am okay with for a little while longer but at some point I want to move this to two swims a week even if they are a little shorter

I am MASSIVELY hoping that this season I am coming into the start of the season better than I have in the past - I am interested to see how this plays out. Traditionally I don't race until the beginning of May, I continue to pray that the weather for my April race isn't horrible or snowy. I HATE running in the rain and the snow.

In exciting news: my first tri kit came in the mail! It took me quite a while to find something that I actually liked, that wasn't completely cut for a tiny woman or super short in length, and wasn't pink and glittery. I did find one eventually and ordered it immediately, it was from a season or two ago (I don't care about this at all) and it was on clearance. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Wine & Dine Half Marathon

MARC is Registered
WE are going to run the Wine and Dine Half Marathon.

PUMPED, now the countdown is REALLY on.
This is going to be Marc's first runDisney event.
My parents (Thanks mom and dad) are coming to watch Lucy so we both can run.

I was a LITTLE nervous at first as you can see my computer screens - it appears as if the runDisney particularly the wine and dine screen was inundated with people who wanted to run. After refreshing my screen {for what felt like no less than 100 times} I FINALLY got in and then I got the inline screen which made me feel a little bit better because at least then I knew I was in line and {praying} going to get a spot for Marc and I. I attempted to work on things while my time ticked away {in all honesty I just watched my timer click down while I re-examined my hopeful training plans and dreamt of Disney}.

I am a little frustrated because we had to get Marc in through a charity runner {I HATE RAISING MONEY} - however, he is raising money for St. Jude {which who doesn't love St. Jude}. I am pretty excited to be able to run with my husband though.

I seriously LOVE runDisney and runDisney events. I love the atmosphere, I love the ways in which they are welcoming and friendly to runners of MOST skill sets. Yes, there is a time minimum but in my opinion it is pretty generous. I full acknowledge that I will NEVER be in the front corals but I ALWAYS feel like I belong at the runDisney events.

I am frustrated with how quickly it sold out. That is freaking nuts! I would be REALLY mad if I was trying to earn my coast to coast medal and didn't get in. Thankfully I have already earned that one.

I AM PUMPED about this trip. {Truth: I am always jazzed to go to Disney, but this one even more so than usual!} I can't wait. THE COUNTDOWN CONTINUES {& the fundraising begins}.

Any fundraising tips for charity running?
Are you running any races?
What races are you most excited about?
What is your all time favorite race?
What is your favorite thing about Disney?

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Walt Disney World Recap

Truth: I have ALWAYS loved Walt Disney World. My parents started taking my brother and me to WDW & Disneyland when we were young children. I still remember certain things from those early trips {like our parking spot from our Disneyland trip - why I remember this who knows -- or the fact that my father got lost before the days of cell phones and spent 3 hours or so riding It's a Small World}. I cannot deny my love of Disney movies, books {go read the Kingdom Keepers if you haven't}, and even the music. I love the mystery and the magic of the parks. I love the extreme hospitality that the cast members off while in WDW {I pray I am able to emulate some of this hospitality in my own life}. I love the diversity of food that I can eat at the different restaurants and quick serve opportunities throughout the parks - my mouth waters just thinking of all of the delightfulness. I love the ways in which while at WDW it feels as if I am transported to somewhere else, somewhere outside of this world, where imagination and pixie dust actually have the power to change the world.
And now I am beginning to pass on the love to our daughter - who in turn is allowing me to see the world (both the real world and Walt Disney World) through new eyes. While I have to admit I hadn't ridden the carousel for YEARS I would have spent our whole trip on the carousel, Lucy LOVED it! I have spent way more time than I want to admit mocking It's a Small World and yet again I would have ridden the ride on repeat, Lucy LOVED it! There was something fabulous watching her experience it for the first time and seeing the ways in which she jumped as we watched the dolls dance and the ways in which she bounced to the song {even if it gets stuck in my head for what feels like an eternity}, Lucy LOVED it and I LOVED experiencing it with her. We are going back to WDW in November so Marc and I can run the Wine & Dine half marathon and I am excited to see how Lucy falls more in love with WDW at 16 months rather than at 6 months. She will be mobile and probably less interested in sitting in her stroller to watch parades and soak things in and it will be different but I think this new stage will also be marvelous. Plus my parents will be joining us which will add a level of fun to the trip.
While I was a little skeptical on what Lucy would think of the loud parades and the fireworks she soaked in the parades with great joy. The fireworks she was in our Tula and slept happily through them all. With her in the Tula it was AMAZING to be able to keep her sleeping while we rode the bus back to our resort (we stayed at Saratoga Springs) and not have to wake her. I also have to admit this was my first trip with a stroller and at first I was a bit uncertain of my feelings towards hauling a stroller everywhere but much to my surprise having to bring a stroller into the parks is AWESOME. We had somewhere to put our sweatshirts {I always haul a sweatshirt for the night time}, we had some where to put our water bottles, we had somewhere to put Lucy's stuff, & on the last day we had somewhere to put the stuff we bought {other than the last day I ALWAYS take advantage of the free room delivery of the stuff I buy so I don't have to haul it}. It will be crazy to go back to the strollerless days again {although we have at least a few years with a stroller}.
I also recommend Saratoga Springs - I realize it is one of the older resorts but I LOVE IT. I like that it has it's own bus so that when heading to the parks and at the end of the day you don't have to stop at several resorts to get home. Yes, there are several stops within Saratoga Springs, but that doesn't bother me because they are all pretty fast. The other thing I discovered I loved about Saratoga Springs is that there are paths to Downtown Disney! {I apparently was behind the 8 ball on discovering this} Downtown Disney is less than a 10 minute walk from the main building of Saratoga Springs, which to me is AWESOME, it allowed us to walk down there as we wanted without having to wait for a bus. We went down in the morning {although we were surprised that most of it doesn't open until 10:00am}, one afternoon when we came back to do a little swimming {which we did swim were done long before dinner time and had a little more time to use} and one night after watching Wishes we headed downtown for ice cream at Ghiradelli. 
This trip we weren't on the meal plan {my first trip not on the meal plan in a long time} and it was fine but I REALLY like the meal plan. We are going to have the meal plan in November. This trip it was okay to not be on the meal plan because it was a quick trip, planned a little last minute, and we were able to split a lot of meals {which did in turn save us some money} but then we were very careful on not spending lots of money, when I am on the meal plan - while yes, it does feel like a lot of food- I am a bit more relaxed on the prices of the food because I have already paid for it. It is a little bit of a catch 22. We also did get a memory maker this trip. I am thankful we did because they were able to capture quite a few awesome pictures of Lucy meeting characters, some magic photos {I am printing out the picture of Lucy holding tinkerbell}, as well as some photos from around the parks and on the rides. We had a phenomenal trip and I am stoked to go back in November. So thankful for the opportunity to travel with Lucy!

Do you have any Disney trips on the horizon?
Any vacations coming up for you?
Where is your favorite place to vacation?

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Flying with an Infant

True Confession: I LOVE to travel (although if you have been following this blog for very long you probably have already caught onto this).

When I was pregnant with Lucy I don't even want to admit how many people said things along the lines of: "your life is over for at least the next 18 years" or "you will never read or travel like you are accustom to" or or or {which why people find these types of advice helpful is beyond me} - I however, while our travel has changed and we can no longer travel with our carry on bag alone, we continue to travel and explore the world just with a child in tow.

In January and February, Lucy took 6 flights. I could see the looks on people's faces as I walked back to our seats - the look of people hoping and praying that our seats were no where near there seats, the look of fear that I was carrying on a newborn who was going to scream and cry the entire flight, a slight look of panic. Lucy did AMAZINGLY on all of our flights.

I didn't actually buy Lucy a seat for our flights (children 2 and under fly free w/in the United States on most airlines - if not all - I am not sure - we flew Delta for all of our flights), I was willing to risk holding her on our flights. Upon arriving at the airport and after getting to our gate I approached each of the gate attendants to see if there were any open seats on the flight and if I could get moved next to one of those seats so that I could bring on Lucy's infant seat and be able to strap her in and down for take off and landing (I have read many reports of how dangerous these times are for planes) and was hoping to be able to. On six out of the six flights I was moved next to an empty seat and I brought Lucy's infant seat on the plane so that she could ride harnessed during the landing and the take off.

I realize it is different for every kid and as kids get older it probably gets harder and harder to entertain on things such as airplanes, however, here is what I found to be helpful:

  • Feed baby on take off and landing to help alleviate the pressure in their ears
    • This worked awesome for us other than on one flight when we were backed out of the gate and had to make a 20ish minute stop to get our plane de-iced before taking off - I had a hungry baby on my hands and didn't want to start feeding her and have her finish eating before we took off - I did manage to keep her mostly entertained during the de-icing so that she would be eating during take off - but it was a little bit of a challenge
  • bring toys
    • this seems obvious but I packed a combination of beloved toys and a couple of new to Lucy toys that she hadn't played with before
  • change the baby right before boarding
    • changing a baby in an airplane is a challenge - I had to change Lucy on 3 of the flights - she managed to fill her pants three times in flight - on one of the flights there was a tiny (tiny even for my preemie baby) changing table in the bathroom - in the other two flights I had to cram in and attempt to change her diaper without a changing table in the small bathroom (uggg)
  • try to have a tired baby before the flight
    • I intentionally kept Lucy awake for the couple hours before our flight when she would have normally napped so that she would sleep on the flights (this worked fairly well surprisingly- she probably slept 75% of our six flights)
  • pack as light as you can
    • while hauling a baby it was obviously important to have plenty of diapers and formula but I also would recommend packing: some toys, and a change of clothes for both baby and you (I didn't get puked on or anything however, it would stink to be midflight and not have access to a change of clothes) but going through security and wandering around the airport I wouldn't have wanted to carry any more than absolutely necessary. 
  • use the family check line at security
    • I had Lucy in a soft structured carrier and they allowed me to leave her in their as we went through security which was WAY helpful so I had my hands to get all of our stuff through the scanner
    • we used the family check line 3 of the 4 times we had to go through security - We didn't go through it in Orlando (although I am not certain they have a family check line)
    • I didn't have to take off my shoes while going through the family check line
    • they were AWESOME about allowing Lucy's food and milk through security as it was clearly over 3 ounces

Thursday, March 5, 2015

8 Months Old

Lucy is EIGHT MONTHS OLD. WHOOOP WHOOP. These monthly pictures are getting more and more challenging with each passing month - however, I am stubborn (as I fear is my sweet little girl) and I will continue - however, I make no promises on what you will get. She is now massively wiggly. SHE LOVES to play with her toes and once I get her in the onesie with her toes exposed they are all that she wants (she doesn't see her toes much these days in northern Minnesota - they are always covered by footie pjs or socks or some type of pants with feet). Some day we will once again be able to go outside and not have to worry about layering up in 12,001 layers and have to make our outdoor trek at rapid as possible.
It was a tough month around here with Lucy getting RSV as well as a massive cold and then a double ear infection. Although I must admit even given those things she was still fairly happy. She never did the pulling on the ear thing with her ear infection and despite the fever she ran for a few days she still remained pretty happy (THANK GOD). I *think* we are over it all - she still gets her nebulizer treatments a few times a day but we are working on spacing them out a bit more. I am nervous to cut them off cold turkey. Here's hoping that we are past most of this illness and we are moving onto healthier days. {I think every kid at daycare had something during this past month, Lucy getting sick was inevitable} Marc managed to get sick and stay home from work one day with a nasty cold/head/sinus deal. I also got sick for a few days but not sick enough to miss work {one day I may have considered going into work late if it hadn't been a Sunday}.
Lucy is currently rocking anywhere between 0 to 3 month clothes and 6 month clothes, if it has feet or is a one piece of any type (pjs, onesie outfits w/ full legs) she definitely needs the 6 month size because she is so long, but the width is HUGE on her. She continues to LOVE Dakota and tracks her around the room. Dakota has even taken to choosing to lay down right next to Lucy. Lucy is working on sitting up and depending on how tired she is can successfully sit for small bits of time before toppling over. She STILL isn't rolling from her back to her belly {I am convinced that if she wanted to she probably could do it she just isn't motivated enough to do it}. This month Lucy spent the night with Grandma KT while Marc and I went and spent an overnight in St. Cloud (THANKS MOM, the sleep was long overdue). Lucy continues to get up anywhere between 3 and 5 times a night to eat. Lucy LOVES daycare and loves her daycare lady as well as the other kids. Lucy also got to spend a weekend with Marc while I was on a retreat {Lucy's first time with dad for both Friday & Saturday night}. We keep exposing her to more and more foods, she does really well with them sometimes and then others she has no interest. She is still getting 99% of her nutrition through milk {which is 100% okay with me}.
Lucy LOVES taking a bath and swimming {if the pool is warm} which makes us excited for summer. Her other favorites are her Mickey Mouse stuffed animal, her stuffed baby golden retriever, a stuffed doll, her jumping/bouncy chair, little people {particularly the snow white & grumpy, the donkey & the sheep from the manger scene}, and one of my kitchen spoons. Lucy finds it hilarious still when we fake sneeze or if we have the hiccups. I anticipate any day now she will go from immobile to crawling - she is massively interested in everything that is going on around her and wants to be smack dab in the middle of it. Lucy really is a happy baby in the overall, the only things that anger her are: a wet or dirty diaper {which she will want changed AS SOON AS IT HAPPENS}, if she is hungry, or if she is being left out of the action.