Sunday, November 10, 2013

Walt Disney World - Epcot

Today we are going to play it real easy - we were uncertain of how we would feel after last nights most excellent race! I can't wait to type a serious review of it and my reactions plus the after party. The short of it is - SOOOOOO WONDERFUL, seriously. Everyone should run the Wine and Dine and earn their Coast to Coast medal at some point. More on all of this when I get home and can lace a post with 12,000 pictures. Check this off my bucket list!

Today we have reservations to eat at Chip N' Dale's Harvest Feast Dinner. I am excited about this one, really let's be honest I am excited about all of these, I have eaten here before but it has been several years. A couple of people in our party have not ever eaten here, so it will be fun to have a new experience for them. Plus the food is sooooooooooooooooo yummy.

We also have fast passes reserved at:

  • Test Track (LOVE the updates to it)
  • the character meet and greet spot (yes, I will be hauling my medals around the park so I can have pictures taken with my medals and the characters around the park - yes, I did haul my Tinkerbell medal from January down here with me so that I can have pictures taken with all three medals - yes they do weigh a ton - yes, it is worth it - yes, you will be stuck seeing all the pictures)
  • Soarin (can't go wrong here). 

Also you can guarantee that I will ride the land at least two or three times. LOVE IT!

I am feeling pretty good after last night's race, thank God for adrenaline. Seriously, I am not a night owl, however for a runDisney race I can fake it for a night :)

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