Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Lucy's First Year Photobook

This past year I have been rather intentional about keeping up on Lucy's first year photobook, she also got a photobook for her baptism. I knew that there was ZERO chance that I would actually be able to keep up with a "real" scrapbook so I have opted to go with Shutterfly {which I adore}, and if I didn't do it as I went there was NO chance it would happen later. Just about every Sunday night I would update her book making this less of a task and it only took a few minutes each night. I FINALLY just got around to proof reading it and all that good stuff AND shutterfly had a phenomenal sale on books making now the time to order.

I have another book already started for her second year. I can't believe my baby is already one and not a baby any more. Hello Toddler Years! {Lord, have mercy}

In addition to this photo book, I also make one for our family each year. This year I have also begun backing up our videos to youtube and burning them to a dvd. I am afraid that something will happen to our phones and camcorder (yes, we actually still have one and use it) - so I like to back that stuff up.

How do you create scrapbooks?
How do you preserve your memories?
Do you make photo books? What program/website do you like to use?

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