Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Real Mom Confessions

I am back linking up with Girl with Blog for her Real Mom Confessions.
I LOVE this series and while I have fallen silent in the last few months - I faithfully looked forward to it and gave thanks for the mom's who posted each week. Summer for me at work, even with the best preparation and planning, is beautiful chaos and I am in survival mode moving from one thing to the next and I am never home, traveling from mission trip to mission trip to Thursday service days, to covering for my colleague while he is on much deserved vacation to who knows what - while it is all wonderfulness it makes life even crazier than normal.

  1. This week I FINALLY have begin to get a grasp on cleaning our house and getting caught up on the laundry - we had been functioning in as needed basis at best meaning: some days while up feeding the one year old in the middle of the night I would throw in an overfull load of laundry {washing everything on cold so it could all go in together} that would get us through the next few days and ignoring the mountain ranges of dirty clothes that had magically appeared.
  2. I have learned the joy of the bribe with my beloved one year old. I happily throw her in her crib with the ipad playing a Mickey Mouse Club House episode so I can savor my shower and not have a little face screaming and peeking in the shower - sometimes this momma just needs fifteen minutes to shower, get dressed, and breathe a little.
  3. Last night for dinner we had cereal. Marc, Lucy, and I all had different types because we were out of any big bags of cereal and down to the bottom of the bags and it was the good semi stale stuff that had been sitting in the cupboard for only God knows how long. My husband offered to stop at the grocery store on the way home from work today if I assembled a list.
  4. Lucy is working on getting two teeth - they will be the death of me. Seriously- note the picture above - she has the two middle bottom teeth and the one is coming in next to it and then the top middle right one is also working on making it's appearance - this sweet face goes from pure joy to angry at the world in mach speed and these two teeth {or at least that's what I am blaming it on} has taken my horrible sleep to a whole new level of crappy sleeping - which leads me to #5
  5. I keep trying to get back in shape while balancing sleepless nights and the chaos of life. I finally this past week decided to let it go - embrace the late night sanity chocolate chip cookies and know some day my little will be big, sleeping through the night, and I will have the sanity to worry about eating well, working out regularly, and being back in shape. I am doing what I can and taking that for what it is - I refuse to stress out over this any longer. I am rejoicing in the cold weather, embracing my sweatpants and dealing with it.

Any confessions for you this week?
Can you relate to any of this?


  1. love ya! little steps are better than going no where! Don't stress.

  2. How about having my 2.5 yr old nurse from me after over 12 months since I weaned him. It was out of desperation after he wouldn't quit while I was feeding the baby on the other side. It was a quiet 5 minutes though....and was as if he hadn't had any break from doing it!