Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Sad Story: my laptop (Gladys - I named her in the midst of thesis writing in undergrad - because I was spending so much time with her and somehow it stuck - which makes me giggle now) - is from my sophomore year of college (2004) - she is getting old in the computer world, but she still works - her major default is her battery life is less than stellar and so any time I want to use her not plugged in I only have about an hour before the battery will be dead - she runs a little slow - but still runs well - and I love her - I know all the short cuts on my trust macbook, I know where things are saved, what programs she has, and her quirks. I am not ready to replace her (although I have started saving up for a new one - I haven't told Gladys this yet though - I don't want to be caught computerless and have no funds to get a new one).

True Story: I am cheap. I don't like to spend money on frivolous things (like a new computer when Gladys works just fine). My uncle every year for Christmas gives my brother and I $100 in Best Buy Gift Cards, there have been years in which I have gone out and bought things such as movies, video games, kindle gift cards, camera memory cards, camera equipment, etc. and in my later years I have learned the joys of saving up my gift cards and getting something even more wonderful, several years back I bought my wii with said gift cards (I LOVE my wii - games, amazon prime, and netflix). The past few years I have just been hording my gift cards questioning what I would buy with them, slightly debating a computer, but knowing that would take me a lot of years to get enough gift cards to get a new macbook, this year after we got our gift cards, it struck me, I was going to buy a iPad. This would extend the life of Gladys because I could use Gladys for certain things and my iPad would cover many needs that Gladys was starting to slack on. So I bought an iPad - I named her Ethel (sounded like a name of someone who would be good friends with Gladys).

Several people have asked what apps I currently love soooo here is my list: (please note above true story, I am cheap so generally I love free apps) (apps are in no particular order)

  • Pinterest
  • Pandora
    • LOVE having access to music all the time
  • Facebook
  • TripAdvisor
    • Super handy when on trips
  • Instagram
  • BBC News
  • Pages
  • SBR Speeds
  • Remember the Milk
    • my favorite to-do list app
  • Google +
  • Bible
  • Songsterr
  • Wikiweb
    • was a free Starbucks app at some point - I actually use it quite a bit
  • Where's my Water?
  • Bejeweled Blitz
  • Cook DASH
  • Temple Run (Brave edition)
  • Words with Friends
  • Spider Solitaire
  • Yahtzee
  • Battleship
  • Candy Crush
  • Ruzzle
  • Draw Something
    • love this game
  • Fruit Ninja
  • Monsters Run
  • Pages
  • Blogpress
    • I often blog from this app
  • CaringBridge
    • Love this app
  • Amazon
  • Shutterfly
    • sort of a worthless app - it doesn't do a whole lot -I am often tempted to delete it but I keep hoping that they will come up with a way to work on photobooks from the app - it hasn't happened yet
  • Twitter
  • Amazon Prime
  • Netflix
    • yes please
  • YouTube
  • TLC
  • ABC player
    • yes please
  • PBS
  • IMDB
    • I like information so I have a great appreciation for being able to have movie trivia at my fingertips
  • AllRecipes
    • perfect for when I am in the kitchen
  • ScoreCenter
  • LionBrand
    • YAY crocheting patterns at my fingertips and no longer having to print out every single pattern I want to use
  • Slide Shark
    • super helpful for work and presentations

What apps do you use? 
Do you have any app recommendations that I don't have?


  1. With all that is on there...I am shocked you don't have Angry Birds. I think I like Angry Birds Space or Star Wars the most :)

  2. Ethel and Gladys do sound like friends! Congrats on the new iPad!

  3. I have a good amount of those apps, too! Love them. Here are some other favorites of mine:

    -Viggle (my absolute favorite - must check it out!!!)
    -Kindara (great if you use NFP)
    -Wander (another wonderful app, really check this one out too!)
    -TV Guide
    -Endomondo (for walking/running)
    -Wedding Countdown (use it for our anniversary now)
    -StickWars (so fun)
    -MyFitnessPal (tracks food intake/exercise/etc)