Monday, March 25, 2013

Home ownership

I own my house, the bank owns my house and I pay them my monthly mortgage payment plus some. Every month they send me a new slip to mail back to them with exactly how much I have left to pay. I have been paying over on my loan for almost two full years and I feel like my loan amount is hardly dropping. Interest. I understand how they do it and how they pull funds and blah blah blah blah and they are a bank and they want to make money blah blah blah blah however, it is seriously frustrating to not see the loan dropping that much. I have a fifteen year loan (which I am happy about rather than having a thirty) - so my interest towards the beginning of the loan is ridiculous - the amount of interest vs the amount of actual principle. Blah. Loans. Blah. Being an adult. Blah.

I am not going to lie, I know some day I will be jazzed when I get to sell my house and I get some of the money back and it isn't like I have totally just thrown the money away - however - at the moment it is annoy. At the moment I would love to have a landlord who I could call and tell them I think something is weird about my heater and my faucet still is messed up and the flashing under the gutters is falling out due to the twelve thousand pounds of ice that is built up in them. I would also love to tell my landlord that my fence on the east side is crap and falling down and that needs to be replaced.

Oh the to-do list at the house is at least a mile and a half long. The funds for making all of my dream repairs is not nearly as big as my list of things to do. Soooooo slowly but surely I chip away at my house projects with help of friends and family and youtube videos.

Do you have any projects you'd like to do on your house?
What house stuff irritates you the most?

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  1. Interest is so aggravating, I agree! Ugh. Best of luck with your home projects!