Thursday, March 28, 2013

Note to self:

  • Just because you have fallen several times while out running you don't need to wait until every ounce of snow is gone before you get back out - you hate the treadmill - get off it and get outside
  • Go buy yourself a bike - yours sucks the old lady nearly ruined yours- you got a tax return (REJOICE) - use it wisely - don't risk riding your crappy bike
  • I know you are busy and holy week is happening at full pace and you feel like you are losing your mind - relax, think, pray, be - it's holy week - take the time you need
    • also your family and Marc's family are here - I know you are introverted and holy week without family coming to stay at your house is an introverted hell - enjoy them - take what time you need but then spend it with family - they drove a long ways to spend time with you - suck it up and Monday you can go for a long run with you and Dakota and not have anyone else around 
  • you love snow - yes I know April is on the horizon and you still have several feet of snow in your yard, but I promise it will melt - Spring will come and spring will bring lots and lots of new life
  • crochet - enjoy the projects you have going - enjoy the hats you have been making and the squares you are beginning to figure out for your afghan - come summer it won't be as much fun to crochet - enjoy it while the weather is still cold
  • Nala will be leaving this weekend - be patient with her - just because she is completely crazy and spazatronic (yes I am sure that is not a word - but it fits so roll with it) - Dakota loves her - you can handle her for a few more days
  • Go buy milk and bread - you are out and your meals are getting a little weird
    • while you are at it you should probably buy some food to feed all the rest of the people coming to your house this weekend
  • Go take some fun pictures asap - the snow beginning to turn brown and the very very very faint signs of spring popping through would make for some sweet photos

What would be included in your notes to self?
Has spring arrived where you are?
Have you gotten in any good runs lately?

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  1. Spring has delayed itself but I can feel it coming to NC soon!!