Monday, March 18, 2013

2013 Goals - Check In

Here are my goals for 2013 in no particular order - below in blue is the updates with how I am doing on my goals:

  • Earn my Walt Disney Coast to Coast Medal
    • This will require me to complete two races, one in Disneyland and one in Disney World in the same calendar year. I will be running the Tinkerbell Half Marathon in Disneyland and the Wine and Dine Half Marathon in Disney World
    • I have finished the Tinkerbell Half Marathon at Disneyland in California and I have registered for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon at Walt Disney World in Florida this coming November - I dare to say this is going to happen! Super excited
  • Learn how to fold fitted sheets
    • Seriously, I have tried, but haven't been committed to it- my fitted sheets always just look like crap when they are folded - more like balled up sheets even if I have tried to fold them nicely - youtube here I come
    • totally spaced this one out.... Time to get on it.
  • Get Married 
    • June 8, 2013 at Bethlehem Lutheran Church I will be getting married and couldn't be more excited about the whole thing - minus the dress wearing crap - seriously my least excited piece
    • All the details seem to be coming together. Whoop Whoop.
  • Make a fruit pie from scratch
    • No real reason for this one other than I just want to do it
    • I am waiting for yummy fresh fruit season to embark on this challenge, however I have practiced making a pie crust and made a pie crust with pie filling and that was pretty good so I am jazzed to try this with real fruit filling
  • Paint one of the bedrooms upstairs
    • I have the colors picked out and I know what design I want to do it - I am currently waiting until a little further into spring so I can open my windows and not get high off of paint fumes!
  • Run 5 half marathons [I am tempted to say six because I think it would be sweet to say I averaged one every other month but that maybe too lofty of a goal]
    • I have Tinkerbell Half Marathon, Fargo Half Marathon, Fargo Mini Marathon, and Wine and Dine Half Marathon on the docket already - I'd like to add one in Minnesota to my list
    • One down four to go
  • Finish going through all of my boxes 
    • I haven't gone through all the boxes since I moved to Brainerd in June 2011, it's time to do some serious giving away
    • This is seriously one of the best projects I have come across, I am LOVING IT - I am going through nearly everything I own - it has been super fun to be able to give away a ton of stuff I just don't need any more
  • Organize my craft space in the loft
    • Yeah haven't started this one! Looks like a tornado went through it right now
  • Read 12 books for fun [I love reading but sometimes I get in a rut and do all my reading for work, which I don't totally mind, but I want to read for fun too] so far I am on track with reading one book per month for fun
    • Emma - Jane Austen
      • LOVED IT! 
    • Red - Ted Dekker
      • Found this to be a marvelous book and it kept me a bit on the edge of my seat
    • Plain Truth - Jodi Piccoult
      • I love all of her books and this one did not let me down
    • 7 - Jen Hatmaker (in progress)
  • Make my bed 90% of the time
    • I am not horrible at this one - I am probably currently at a solid 50% but would like to increase this goal - I don't want to go to 100% because seriously some days I really don't care - however I LOVE to crawl into a made bed
    • I would bet I am getting close to 90% maybe only at about 85% but getting MUCH better than I was before, I am reminded how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE to crawl into a bed that has been made - I don't really care what it looks like I just love crawling into it at night
  • Learn to to tunisian crochet
    • My friend Lindy has inspired me to do this - thanks Lindy
    • We are actually working a blanket with this style of crocheting in 2013 which will demand I learn 9 new stitches, I am jazzed and praying I can figure it out
    • so far I am totally on track with this project - although my squares are looking a ton like burritos!
  • Run 500 miles this year
    • bike to work 30 times
    • swim 100 miles
      • yes I know these are loft goals - but why set low goals
    • My miles have come to a hault as the treadmill and I are so annoyed with each other that we are not even on speaking terms - I have gotten in a ton of miles swimming in turn due to the serious lack of running these past couple weeks
    • I haven't yet biked to work - the roads are still an icy mess
  • Finish the stacks of projects that I have begun and have never gotten to for whatever reason - and if I decide I am not going to ever finish them then I need to disassemble what can be disassembled and move on - no reason to have all these half finished projects
    • slowly but surely this is happening believe it or not - although I suppose I could use a kick in the butt to get this goal done a little quicker
  • Settle into married life
    • or begin to... really this goal is all about making the transition to married life intentional
    • obviously not started since we haven't gotten married yet
  • Make a quilt
    • it has been way too long since I have made one
    • I have picked out a design and am beginning to pick fabrics
  • Finish the three clergy stoles I have started
    • one done two to go
  • Shoot over 250 pictures a month on my Nikon D60
    • I LOVE this camera but I get lazy and don't take it out to take the photos I should, I really do want to improve as a photographer, so I must practice
    • TOTALLY have done this so far! Some months have been better than others - while I was in California I took thousands for January - February I shot probably just over 300 pictures with my D60 - March is lacking a ton so far but I did get some at the lock in last weekend
  • Catch up on photobooks
    • yeah, I am way behind, finish 2011, 2012, Summer 2012 Mission Trips book
      • 2011 - DONE
      • Summer 2012 Mission Trip book - DONE
      • 2012 - DONE
    • update 2013 photobook monthly
      • I actually have found that I am best off to update this book every couple of weeks - so far so good
    • Create and Finish Summer 2013 Ministry book (finish before the end of the year)
      • overachiever moment here: I actually have picked out the style and size and have set it up with different sections so with each activity I only have to fill in the pages - Summer Stretch, Middle School Mission Trip, High School Mission Trip, and VBS
    • Create and finish a wedding photobook (finish before the end of the year)
      • I haven't done anything on this one yet
    • Order 366 in 2012 photo book
      • DONE and it is soooooooooooo much fun! I LOVE IT! Seriously. I hope to do another photo a day book sometime
    • When books are finished order: 2011, 2012, Summer 2012 Mission Trip book
      • 2011 - Ordered and on my shelves
      • Summer 2012 Mission Trip Book - Ordered and on my shelves
      • 2012 - Waiting for a good sale to order

How are your goals for 2013 coming along? 
                 It is ridiculously crazy to think we are already mid-way through March!
Have you altered your goals for the year at all?


  1. You're making great progress through your goals this year! I love giving and throwing stuff away too! lol

  2. I'm going to be behind on my burritos if I don't get going!

  3. Oh my goodness, you've definitely set a lot of goals for yourself and you seem to be doing a good job on them! Go you!

    I laughed out loud when I saw you had "learn to fold a fitted sheet" on there...that is one of the things my husband and I struggle over! And as far as making the bed, he's all for making it 100% of the time and to be honest I could sort of care less if the bed is made or not...I really should try to start caring!

  4. What company do you use for your photobooks? I need to get some, especially doing a "5 years of racing" book.

  5. Wow!! Your goals are making me feel bad about my goals ;) Ha! I want to make a pie from scratch too - hopefully soon!