Saturday, March 16, 2013

Photo books


I seriously wasn't certain I would ever actually be able to type those words. I have finished all of my backdated photo books. I am up to date to the present time. It was quite the project. Thankfully Mother Nature gave me little to no motivation to go outside, so I spent quite a bit of time inside finishing up my photo books. I can even say that my 2013 photo book is currently caught up! I am so very very happy about this. This is one of those projects that has sort of hung over my head, I really did want to get them done but at first it seemed like too much, it seemed as if there was no way I could catch up on all my shutterfly goals.

I am thankful for shutterfly in more ways than I can probably articulate:

  • I love that they have free unlimited photo storage
  • I love that they allow and semi ocd person like me to putz and putz and putz with photobooks until they are the way I want them to be
  •  I love that they allow a custom path which seems to allow me unlimited number of options
  • I love that the books come in several sizes, with theme options, and then they allow me to add other backgrounds and embellishments as I want to create my own masterpiece
  • I love that it seems like everything is on sale about every other week
  • I love that I don't think other than about once I have ever had to pay for shipping
  • I love the diversity of options of things to make
  • I LOVE shutterfly (no they aren't paying me or anything to say this - I just love them this much)

What do you do with your photos after you take them?
Do you scrapbook?
Have you ever tried shutterfly? How do you feel about it?


  1. I just did something crazy! I deleted every album in my shutterfly storage. I was getting confused and don't know where I was anymore. Now my goal is to finish up the boys yearly books by summer. Hopefully a clean slate will help me.

  2. Awesome!! Congrats - I know how huge of a deal that is! I usually make a photo book (Shutterfly) for each race I run but I'm several races behind...whoops! (I should have said its for every half/full....I don't make them for 5K's.)