Friday, September 7, 2012

A note to the man shared the road with me today

Dear middle-aged man driving a old dodge ram,
     Yes, you are 100% correct I could hear every comment you were saying to me as you drove along nice and slow beside me for just over a mile. Yes, you are correct that I was ignoring you. I chose not to respond to you because I knew I didn't want to say something I would later regret and saying nothing seemed like the best option. Sorry if I offended you in the midst of ignoring your, what I felt like, rude comments. You frustrated me.
     Yes, it is true that I will never be a Sports Illustrated bikini model, nor do I ever dream of it. I actually am in a call that I love, I get to walk alongside people in a wide variety of life situations and speak grace, truth, and hope, and share the story of a triune God who created all people and created us diverse and different. I am thankful for our creative God who calls me and showers me in grace and love and in my baptismal waters am claimed. I am sorry that you don't know this message of hope, truth, unconditional love, and salvation.
     Yes, it is true that I won't ever win a gold medal running. Yes, I know I run a little slow. Yes, I know I have a long ways to go, but each step I take is moving me toward my goals. Yes, I am sure you do have six pack abs and you could see my belly jiggle as I ran. It's okay, I am working on it. Although I would love to tell you the story of all the amazing food that I choose to eat and share with friends and family. I enjoy food, yes, I am working on watching my portion size and eating more fruits and veggies, however I do still enjoy many foods that aren't healthy for me. While I love running I also run so I can eat foods I love, like ice cream, chocolate, and pasta.
     Yes, it is true that I am running with my dog and you think that my hair flying all over the place makes you think we look alike. I was hot and sweaty and have zero care that my hear has fly aways going every which way at mile six. In fact I am proud that my hair looked like crap and was filled with sweat and dust from the road, I was thankful that I was able to make the hardest steps - walking over to my shoes, putting them on, and getting out the door.
     Yes, I know I was wearing tall socks which are out of fashion and my bright orange gym shorts from college and a blue shirt, I know it didn't match and that tall socks are out of fashion when wearing shorts. All morning I have been working on my laundry because it has been a crazy week, although I wouldn't change my week so that I could look good while out for a run. Instead of doing my laundry earlier this week I chose to: watch a sixth, seventh, eighth, freshmen, jv, and varsity volleyball game one night, teach swimming lessons, attend worship, go for two other runs, play with my dog, hang out with my fiance, and write a few letters to friends who I miss.
      Yes, I know that you think I am wasting my time because I won't ever run "worth crap" - I am sorry you feel that way. I actually really love running and running for the fun of it and the feeling I have during and after a good run. I also love the excitement of my sweet puppy every time I get my running shoes out and we hit the road, I love the way her tail wags faster than I ever thought possible and I love the way that she motivates me to keep running. I love running with her.
       I pray that whatever frustrations or internal struggle you are having is resolved and that you feel better after verbally harassing me today while I ran. I pray you meet someone who shares with you the story of grace and love of God who made you too, and loves you too even thought that may seem like a crazy idea at the moment. I pray you come to a place in life when you don't need to say harsh comments to random people you pass on the road, I pray you become and encourager to the world and use all that time and energy you waste saying rude things to serve the world. I pray that you learn the love of a God who created you and become one who shares that message with the world.
       Sorry I couldn't come up with the words to say to you while I was out for a run and you out for an early afternoon drive, I wish I had a way to share this message with you. Since I am not optimistic that our paths will cross again, I pray someone will share a message of grace and love with you. I am sorry I ignored you but I couldn't say anything that would be kind in the moment, so I chose to say nothing. If we meet again, I pray for the strength to not think harshly about you and rather remember that you too were created by the triune God and you too are a beloved child of God.

Peace to you-
  a broken, beloved, sinful, and redeemed child of God just like you


  1. I love ya and am so blessed to run with you in October!

  2. Way to be the bigger person. It always amazes me that people feel as though that kind of behavior is appropriate. Kudos to you for being the bigger person. And enjoy your runs.

    Erin -