Thursday, September 6, 2012

Evening Run

    Most eveings my fiance and I take Dakota (my sweet one year old golden retriever) for a walk. Last night as we were getting ready to head out on our walk we both happen to put on our running shoes to walk in (this is probably more rare than you anticipate, generally I am in flip flops, Marc is always in shoes). As we were starting out leaving my house, Marc began to jog, I think as a joke at first and I joined in. It was marvelous - the evening was cool - we both love a crisp night for a run and so we began to run together. It was fun to go out for an unexpected evening run. It wasn't record setting paces and we talked the whole time. Dakota thought she had died and gone to heaven, a second run in a day.
    Last night's run was liberating to a certain degree, I get caught up in what time I need/want to hit, and how many miles I need/want to run. I get caught up in the details of the run. I forget what first made me fall in love with running, the simple joy of being outside running, not the time or the distance, rather the love for running.
   We ran a good forty minutes or so (without the watch we sort of had to guess what time we left and we think we ran about forty minutes). I had a drawstring bag on my back (I was carrying my keys, cellphone, and bags to pick up after Dakota) - it was a little awkward and I would never choose to run with it - however last night in the midst of the improptu run it hardly phased me. I ran without an ipod (also a bit of a rare occurrance).
    I am thankful for last nights run for several reasons:
  • it reminded me that a run doesn't always have to be about time or distance
  • I love running short distances with Marc (he doesn't quite have the endurance or desire to go much further)
  • the cool crisp air was a welcome guest after a hot and muggy summer
  • I had an exhausted dog on my hands when we got home
  • I enjoy running just to run

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