Monday, September 10, 2012

Ministry Frustrations

While I love being called to a church it comes with its frustrations like any other call/job, my current frustration is finding volunteers. I hate having to call and call and call and beg and beg and beg people to volunteer for this that or the other. I know there are downsides to being a volunteer and people don't always like to do it and it isn't that I am just calling people randomly or just began calling people. I started months ago attempting to fill the catechism mentor positions. I know they will fill but it is frustrating when something is going so well and then I have to spend what feels like forever finding volunteers to step up and help lead. I can't sustain the catechism ministry on my own. I know there are gifted people in the congregation who can do these types of things, I know that there are wonderful people who work amazingly well with middle schoolers. I know people lead busy lives, but I wish I could help them to understand what their investment of time into these middle schoolers will mean to the youth. I try, but words fail. Yes, I pray about it frequently. I know it will be worked out. In the mean time I felt the need to voice my currently frustration.

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