Saturday, August 11, 2012


     I am excited about Saturday. I think I am going to have a seriously wonderful day. I have absolutely nothing on my plan. I have already finished my sermon for tomorrow and have my run in. I have a list of pintrest projects I want to try today as well as massive amounts of cleaning to be done. I love that I have absolutely nothing on the to-do list other than stuff by myself and with the puppies (I am currently dog sitting for a couple friends). I love that I finally have a day to just get stuff done.
    I am hoping to just be able to chill and work on all those projects that I frequently say that I would love to have the chance to do. I couldn't be more excited.

Project ideas today:
  • clean
  • make headbands
  • finish labeling quilts for church
  • make bread
  • work on shutterfly books
  • walk the puppies
  • take pictures
  • read a book in the hammock
  • make muffins
  • make a bag


  1. I hope you had a wonderful Sabbath!

    I've introduced you to the RevGals today--welcome!!

  2. (PS: if you could please add the RGBP button from the main site sidebar into your sidebar, that would be fabulous! thanks!)