Thursday, August 9, 2012


It has happened and I can hardly believe it and I couldn't be more exited.

Marc proposed on Saturday and I said yes. I always knew at some point I would get married. I am 28 and most of my friends at this point are married and I will admit that there had been a few moments when I had wondered if I would ever be married. And at the same time I was very happy single too!
America is a little funny in that I am not certain that we know what to do with single people over the age of about 23 or 24. I realize the average age of people getting married is going up, but as a society we haven't quite figured out where single folks fit in. I couldn't be more happier to be getting married but there is a piece of me that will miss the single life. That doesn't even begin to name the issues in the church with single folks. That's another blog for another day.
I am super excited about the next year as we plan a wedding and preparations are made for a wedding and reception. It should be a wonderful 303 days!


  1. Happy news!

    And I totally get the--I won't call it ambivalence--but thoughtfulness over singleness. I was 33 when I married for the first time, and in an excellent place in my life as a single person.

  2. congrats, what a beautiful ring! I came over here from the RevGals--welcome!