Monday, July 11, 2011

Picture Coasters

I seem to be at the age when I am attending a ton of weddings and wedding gifts get a bit expensive. We'll my recent gift that I have started giving to couples is one that I make myself, due to cost and it is much more fun that buying hand towels or bathroom towels or things along that line.

Step 1: Buy 4.25 square tiles (I guess any size would work technically, I bought a case of the tiles for $11), cork board, and Pour On (I got all of this at Menards, for just under $30 and I have 100 tiles, enough cork for 48 coasters, and I'm not yet sure how long the pour-on will last but so far it is lasting quite a while)
You will also need to gather: plastic cups, a plastic spoon, a garbage bag, and whatever supplies you want to decorate your tile

Step 2: Decorate the tiles however you please, I like to print out pictures and decorate the background and then place a picture of the couple on top. I do print the pictures on matte photo paper so that the color doesn't bleed from whatever I put behind the picture. I have used parts of the wedding invitation and save the date card to help decorate the tiles. I used rubber cement to stick everything together.

Step 3: Elevate the tiles on upside down plastic cups over a garbage bag (so the excess pour-on will drip onto the garbage bag and you won't have to pick the pour-on off of your counter top)

Step 4: Mix the Pour-On (in a plastic cup) according to the package directions

Step 5: I use a plastic spoon to spread the pour-on over the tiles. If bubbles occur you can just blow on the bubbles and the go away. The great thing about pour-on is that it is self leveling!

Step 6: Let the pour-on harden and dry

Step 7: Cut the cork board into 3 inch squares

Step 8: Rubber cement the cork board to the back of the tiles

Step 9: wrap and give as a gift or keep for yourself
Final Product

Let me know if you have any questions.


  1. MOPS project for this year. I've seen the pour on but have been super nervous to try it!

  2. The pour-on is super easy to use! I mixed the two bottles of stuff in a plastic cup (I hear it is nearly impossible to clean out of a real cup) and you just stir the stuff for 2 minutes. You use equal parts of the two bottles of goo.... and I just poured them both at the same time, so I doubt they were exactly equal but it was close. You stir the stuff for two minutes and then you are ready to pour.

  3. So Pour-On is what protects the picture from the sweat of the beverage? You can still see the picture and stuff through it?

  4. Yeah the pour-on is a thick epoxy type material. The box says that it is similar to 50 coats of varnish. But yeah it protects the picture from the sweat of the glass. I had a set sitting on my kitchen table waiting to be wrapped to be given away and spilled a whole glass of water on the set of coasters and you can't tell at all.