Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Great Bunny Move....

Last night I get a text message with a message about an ethical dilemma. My new friend is a youth director in the same town that I serve in, its fabulous to know some one. I gave her call to see what the dilemma was all about. She tells me that she was out mowing her lawn when all of a sudden she realizes she has just moved over the top part of a bunny nest. (Don't worry all the bunnies were safe, they were in the hole, she had just moved over the pile of grass and leaves protecting the bunnies.) The real problem came in the fact that she has two golden retrievers who also discovered the nest, meaning the bunnies needed to be moved or else who knows what the dogs would have done with them. So we decided to move them. In the process we took a few pictures (how could you resist taking pictures of such cute bunnies... look how cute they are) and here are a couple of the photos that I took last night. We were going to move them to the arboretum here in town but when we got out to the arboretum we ran into a man and said he would help them grow and survive and then release them back into the wild.

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