Saturday, July 9, 2011

Meet Dakota

Meet Dakota, she's a golden retriever puppy, and I am in love with her. This photo is a little old, so she has grown, what seems to be exponentially since this picture, but I haven't uploaded pictures to my computer in a while. Dakota is a typical puppy, currently interested in chewing (so far no furniture), eating, sleeping, going on walks, and visits to the lake. She is completely house trained (I cheated and house trained her at my parents house before moving to my own house). She loves her tennis balls and has recently made some friends (one of the youth directors in town has two golden retrievers, both older than Dakota, but she thinks she is pretty cool when they get to play). 
Dakota has been amazing for me! I give thanks for her everyday. Who knew what fun a puppy could be?!?! Although I must admit I am excited for when she gets a little older and can go on longer walks and learn to run with me, but each stage has its own perks.

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