Friday, May 12, 2017

We've got worms.... literally

A few weeks back a woman at church gave a presentation about vermiculture. While I was semi-interested in what this woman was sharing, Lucy quickly became OBSESSED and was asking about worms eating our banana peels frequently. She even asked the woman for some worms. She gave us some.

Originally we were going to use regular plastic totes for our worms, but we found a tower on amazon for a great deal and opted for that method instead, so now we have a worm tower in our kitchen near the dog dish.

Every morning and every evening Lucy literally has to check the worms, she goes over and tells them good morning and she tells them good night before bed. She loves to check and see if the food scraps she has left for them has been eaten and where the worms are located. {We have learned to try to remember where we put the food so that we can find the worms easily for the 2 year old's sake}

Lucy loves to watch the worms move around in and through the piles of food scraps, she is fascinated to see the tiny worms and the BIG HUGE WORMS as she says. She watches them and we discuss how the worms are eating our scraps and how they create compost that will help feed our garden and plants.

NEVER in my wildest imagination would Lucy love these worms as much as she does. She named all of the worms "dumbo" after her favorite ride at Disney world. Here is a glimpse into our evening worm routine.

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