Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Mom Guilt

These muffins here - are a mere representation of the struggle as a working mom. They were the request of my 2.5 year old daughter, Lucy, in the midst of a five minute phone call as I went from one thing to another. This week I will literally miss bedtime Monday through Thursday. Thank God for my phenomenal husband, who graciously does bedtime when this mama is away.

I love my kids.
I love my husband.
I love my job.

Being a working mom is great most days.
Some weeks it straight up sucks.
This week is the latter.

Thank God Friday is almost here.
I am traditionally "off" on Fridays and the kiddos don't go to our beloved daycare {I give thanks for our daycare lady and her ability to love on my kiddos nightly} and we hang out all day. Sometimes I even pull of getting to be with them on both Friday and Saturday.

Due to my limited time with our kiddos, I try to not clean and do other such projects while they are awake. I want to spend my time reading books, building Lego towers, playing with baby dolls, watching as Blake is learning to roll and gaining his mobility, baking with Lucy, and so much more. Some days I am really good about being intentional. Some days - I just want a little downtime to myself, I want my house to be magically clean, and I want and never ending stream of money and amazing health care benefits so I don't have to worry about working.

Until I find my money tree and free health care - I shall work, out of a love of my job and a love of my family. We need healthcare benefits and we need money to pay the bills.

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