Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Disney Bound

WE did it! We booked another Disney vacation.
My mom, Lucy, Blake, and I are all going down end of November to early December.
We are going to spend a few days in the parks and then head out on a four nigh DISNEY CRUISE!!! So. EXCITED.

I have been a little sad lately, after returning home in February from a FABULOUS Disney vacation with some dear friends I literally had no idea when I'd be returning to Disney. It was a bit sad.

This year in the midst of trying to get things prepared for the rest of the year and trying to plan out vacation time, with a limited number of Sundays off I have to carefully plan what I am doing with them. My husband is out of vacation time and I still had a couple of weeks left to use up. I REFUSE to waste vacation time, even if it means sitting at home and crocheting, making photobooks, cooking, and cleaning.

After talking with my mom and my husband, my mom and I decided to go down to Disney during the Christmas season. We are leaving Marc behind as he needs to work.

We are spending four nights at the Polynesian Resort and then taking a four night Very Merry Christmas time cruise in the Bahamas.

I have been on one previous Disney cruise back when I was in high school, so my memory of the trip is a big vague. I am excited for the chance to take a trip with my mom and kiddos.

In the mean time I will be working on:

  • outfits for Lucy and Blake
  • a couple shirts for mom and I
  • pirate costumes
  • our fish extenders gifts
  • finishing our February WDW trip photobook

Anyone have any upcoming vacations?
What are you excited for?

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