Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Best of Intentions

In the best of intentions I seriously thought I could figure out how to be back here often and perhaps even multiple times a week. Time to reshift my thoughts and be real. I like writing here, I like my little corner of the world that very few folks know about. I like this place, I am going to my a new goal of trying to get back here at least once a week, that to me seems much more doable than several times a week.

What's going on with us. Welll.... Here's a snippet:

Lucy is two and a half and SUCH A JOY {most of the time}. I am not going to lie she is a straight up two-nager and she is FIERCE at times. In highlights of her life: she has potty trained herself essentially, she wanted to wear Minnie Mouse underwear and so was motivated and made it happen. She continues to LOVE daycare and love her friends that she has there, she is a riot and is always laughing. The picture of her is hilarious because this was on our way home from parent/child swimming lessons the other night and we had to take her out with just her coat and pants because before we went in when we were getting her changed she wanted to use the bathroom and wanted to get up on the toilet by herself and actually fell backwards in the toilet soaking her shirt. It was hilarious and she was laughing and I was laughing and so she thought it was even funnier to be in her carseat without her shirt on. She's funny! Love it!

Blake is going to out weigh his sister before he's six months old! He is RIDICULOUSLY happy baby 90% of the time, although he does get super crabby when he is hungry. Blake still sleeps in our room which is great so that in the middle of the night we don't actually have to get up in order to go get him. He's currently in three month size clothes and some of those are getting a little snug {It depends on if they are hand me downs and have been shrunk up}. I will be interested to know what he weighs next time we go into the doctor. He has the most lovable rolls everywhere and we kiss them all day long. Lucy likes her brother, but gets bored quickly. She'll hold him for a few moments and then is ready to go run and do something. Since Blake is still not mobile he isn't getting into her stuff yet. The day is coming. Blake is still not eating solid foods. On any given night he will wake up two or three times to eat.  It's hard to imagine a time before him.

Other than hanging out with the kiddos: I continue to work full time, work one night a week teaching swimming lessons {I like the free gym membership}, spend time with my husband, crochet, and now am trying to figure out quilting. We also have been trying to get outside and run as we are able. The weather doesn't always agree with us in terms of getting outside. We have managed a couple runs but are praying for the warm weather. Here's hoping it is around the corning. Truth- besides wanting to get outside and run again I am seriously looking forward to not having to bundle the kiddos up to go outside and then unbundle them to get into the car seats and then rebundle them up to go where ever we are going. Plus really it's time for sandal season and croc season so Lucy can put on her own shoes and I don't have to worry about getting them on her or finding socks.

Dear spring- please arrive soon. Love, this momma.

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