Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Baby TWO

Ahhhh- It is hard to believe, we had a SON. Blake Thomas. Born on November 19, 2016 (Due date December 10, 2016) via c-section due to my high blood pressure. I am slowly but surely adjusting to life with two tiny humans in my house. It truly is WONDERFUL. It's amazing that life happened before him. I am adjusting to what it means to have two tiny humans (although one of my tiny humans is quickly turning into a little girl, faster than her momma is ready for it) depend upon me. Blake so far seems to be a pretty chill baby unless his diaper is wet or dirty. Lucy is OVER THE TOP in love with her brother 80% of the time and 20% of the time merely pretends he doesn't exist. It will be interesting to see what she does when he starts to crawl and move and get into her stuff. She'll hold him but for only a few seconds to a minute at a time.

I am living in the sleep deprived
state again and no longer sicker than a dog all of the time (I am not one of those women who lives to be pregnant) - I *think* I am going to attempt to re-enter this space again. While I am not sure many read it - it is good for this momma's heart to have a little corner of the interwebs. We'll see how that turns out and if I can actually find myself back here again. I'd love to be more faithful and regular. We'll see. Fingers crossed I'll be here more than once every few months.

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