Thursday, September 8, 2016

Post #2

I am marking it down as pure victory that I have managed to even make it to a second post in two weeks, after a week gone, this is progress folks, I am taking it slowly but surely. Life this week is going okay, we kissed summer goodbye in our own traditional sense, living in lake country there is a constant flow of traffic of folks coming out of the cities to spend their weekends at the lakes. While yes, this grants us many amenities we wouldn't otherwise be able to have it also makes life for locals a little nuts. So on Labor day for dinner you can find many locals filling our favorite restaurants that are now emptied again. Our favorite is a local pizza/mexican place that sits on one of the lakes. We feasted on what is known as Macho Nachos {YUM} - it truly is magical.

Other than that our week has been fairly
uneventful. Luc has been SUPER into helping and so whatever we are doing in the kitchen or wherever, she is not far behind and wants to pull her kitchen stand up to the counter to help stir or whatever job we will give her. It has taken some getting used to having her "help" and I know some day she really will be a big help when it comes to cooking and other projects, now it requires patience and a positive attitude on my part, yes, I can get it done quicker by myself, no she won't learn how to do it, no she won't have the joy of knowing she helped, and yes, I will miss out having her by my side and seeing the pride as she knows she helped to do something. It is worth it - I keep reminding myself. Parenting is tough work, parenting is good work, parenting is endless work, and above all else parenting is indeed holy work.
Now that the weather has cooled off and the bugs are diminishing we are finding ourselves outside quite often: biking, walking, taking wagon rides, walking through the state park, & enjoying the swing set and fire pit again. We are attempting to soak this all in before we find ourselves buried under feet upon feet of snow {I am in fact looking forward to some elements of winter and am praying for at LEAST one massive snow storm that just shuts everything down for a day or two unexpectedly - living up this far north I feel like we should at least get one good snow storm to shut everything down every year}. I also find myself trying to soak up my last few months with only one kid, remembering that soon I will need to learn that balance of two kids, two mouths to feed, two tiny humans to love, I know there will be great joys but it will also be an adjustment for us all. Bring on Fall, bring on all things pumpkin, bring on the warm sweaters and the jeans & hoodies that have been hiding away in the closet, bring on the cooler weather, and all things fall. I am ready. There is at least a dozen Pumpkin Spice Latte's calling my name!

What are you most looking forward to this fall?

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  1. Fall always reminds me of you and all things pumpkin! Lucy is getting so big. Miss you!