Friday, September 2, 2016

A Nearly 1 Year Lapse

It has been almost year and I find myself missing this mostly quiet corner of the interwebs, and I am toying with the idea of coming back... how often, I don't know, but I think I am going to aim small so that I don't easily become overwhelmed and attempt to post at least once a week. Doable? Maybe.

A brief catch up, Lucy turned two this summer. I am not sure how that happened, but apparently time is flying by. Lucy is still on the small side, fierce, full of life, and has caught the love of Disney {which makes my heart sing}. She loves: Little People, books, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, being outside, playing with her puppy, and being with friends and family. While I enjoyed the baby stage {who doesn't love the smell of a sweet baby and the nearly never ending snuggles} I am truly LOVING this stage of independence, even though there are days when it drives me nearly crazy. I love that Luc is developing a personality and has opinions about certain things. It now takes us 12 times as long to do nearly every thing because Luc wants to try and do it herself.
  In the midst of the past year I also discovered {in a bit of a surprise to us} that Baby #2 will be making an appearance {hopefully} in early December 2016 and not sooner. Let the chaos expand. Shortly after Lucy turned 1 we began the process to foster to adopt with our county and have had the opportunity to have a few kids in our home over the course of the last six months for differing time periods, anything from 24 hours to a week at a time. We aren't sure what exactly will happen there, time will tell.

Other than that I still find myself: crocheting, addicted to shutterfly, taking more photos of my daughter and golden retriever than I can even admit, working full time, and enjoying life. Of course there are still the days filled with: laundry, spilled milk, cleaning the house, and other misc. chores. Here's to more faithful updates on the blog and thanks for bearing with me in my absence {if anyone is still around}.

How are you?
What is up with you?

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  1. I have missed your updates on life and ministry! Congratulations on baby #2.