Tuesday, November 17, 2015

World Prematurity Day

Today in honor of world prematurity day I thought I would share our photobook from back when Lucy was in the NICU in her first 21 days of life. I continue to give thanks for the Doctors and Nurses who cared for Lucy during those early days of life. I give thanks for the people who helped her grow and be able to come home with us.
I give thanks for the doctors and nurses who tended to her as she battled RSV and so much more last winter. I give thanks for hand sanitizer that we nearly bath ourselves in cold and flu season in hopes to keep this sweet girl safe.

She has come a LONG ways from her early days and it is almost hard to remember her at 3 pounds. Thank God for medical technology and personal.

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  1. After this experience, do you find it scary to have a second child later on?