Friday, September 25, 2015

Sprightly Beanie Crochet Pattern

This time of year screams to me to crochet. During the summer months I crochet some but not NEARLY to the extent that I like to crochet during the fall and the winter months. There is something awesome about being curled up on the couch after the toddler is asleep, the dog curled up next to me, the husband engrossed in his book, a warm quilt over my lap, and yarn moving through my fingers.

A couple weeks ago I got to pattern test for Melody's Making and her Sprightly Beanie Crochet pattern. SUCH A FUN PATTERN. It works from the bottom up, which early on in my crochet days I despised. Something about it drove me nuts. HOWEVER, now I LOVE working from the bottom up, it is a bit of a change of pace and it is fun to see how it all comes together.

While I adore making hats for my sweet Lucy girl - she really only needs so many hats before it is excessive (she maybe on the verge now) and so I have been making hats for friends and their kids. There is something absolutely delightful about a set of hats, same pattern, similar colors, and in multiples. It seems many friends have three kids and so sets of three have been fun.

These are off to a woman whose blog I follow. Her words speak hope and grace to my soul to say the least. We've never actually met face to face. She has a boy and a girl currently with a sweet little one set to arrive in a few months. I love that all three of these hats have the same pattern, look completely different in terms of colors, and all have a matching light grey stripe. I am addicted to making sibling hats. So fun.

What have you been doing in your free time?
What are your favorite fall/winter activities?

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