Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Chaos

I feel like this fall we have entered a stage in which my life is dictated by to-do lists and serious attempts to just soak up life as I can. Marc and I are to the point that every Sunday night we sit down with our calendars and determine what is happening all week, who is picking up Lucy from where and who is dropping her off when, what are we eating for dinner and lunch (and do we have the food in the fridge or did we miss something while grocery shopping), how he's getting his workouts in (this Ironman training is seriously a second part time job and I fear it will move to a full time job by next summer), we determine one night that we have deemed as family night, and we make a list of things that NEED to get done during the week. Life is so good but so crazy all at the same time. This week I am gone every night of the week. Next week I am gone for three days for our fall theological retreat, the following week I get to go to Colorado for work. All of this stuff is good, however, it is taking some serious intentionality in terms of how I spend my time.
I want to spend time with my fabulous husband, with our daughter who overnight is no longer a baby but rather a toddler, with our sweet puppy who still likes to snuggle up next to me, crocheting, running, and other such fun things.

I am trying to strike balance between my family, a full time job, and life in general. I feel like this season of life is just nuts. Some weeks the balance is easy to strike - other weeks chaos rains supreme. I am learning to live in the chaos. Learning to deal with the floors that desperately need scrubbed in exchange for an extra bit of sleep or time with my family. I am learning the tricks of how to throw a wet towel into the laundry that has already been dried to get the wrinkles out of the dress pants I need to wear to work. Freezer meals remain my best friend, they allow me to come home from work, have dinner ready, eat with my family and not have to have piles upon piles of dishes to deal with at the end of the night.

I am giving thanks for:
  • getting our bed made most mornings
  • reading the Very Hungry Caterpillar 12,001 times a day "reeed it"
  • the sweet morning snuggles of a sleepy toddler
  • a game of bananagrams with my husband
  • a super fun crochet-a-long - I am already looking forward to the next
  • a brief glimpse of sweatshirt and hoodie weather 

How's life in your neck of the woods?


  1. With recently getting a gym membership as a birthday gift...I find that my time after the kids are in bed has a sacrificial theme to it...work on me...laundry and kitchen suffers and vice versa. Then throw in extra stuff going on in the evenings around dinner time....and well it just throws EVERYTHING off.

  2. Lucy is growing so fast...such a sweet girl!