Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Weekend

Can I stretch out Labor Day weekend forever?
While I would love to say that we had massive plans and did all sorts of ridiculously fun things - the reality was we did very minimal. We stayed at home, I worked Sunday, and we had a GREAT weekend.

We live in a SUPER touristy area and Labor Day for us marks the end of the CRAZY busy tourist season. I rejoice because it means I can go to the grocery store, Target, out to eat whenever we want {during the busy season we avoid going Friday-Sunday}. While I rejoice at the tourists because we get all sorts of things in town that we otherwise wouldn't be able to support without the tourists. But it is nice to see them go. We can paddle on the lake without having to worry about lots and lots of boat traffic.

Lucy has a new fascination with walking Dakota. SHE LOVES to hold Dakota's leash and walk her, thankfully Dakota is THE MOST PATIENT dog ever and for the most part walks nice and slow next to Lucy. I am not overly certain Dakota really even needs to be on a leash but she is none the less. Lucy now walks about a quarter mile or so before she is EXHAUSTED and then we put her on our backs in a carrier for the rest of the walk.

We stayed at home. We deep cleaned the house. We went on long walks and took hikes at the State Park. We went swimming in the lake. We took long bike rides (Marc went 43 miles, I only went 17 with a friend, but I was hauling a trailer w/ two kids in tow). We ate Zorbaz, as we do every Labor day for dinner. We took naps. We read books. We played with Little People. I crocheted. We went for runs. We hung out. We savored the day. We didn't have to work {for the most part}.

Summer last forever please.
Or perhaps these days last forever.

How was your weekend?

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