Thursday, September 17, 2015

Melody's Mystery Create A Long

I LOVE to crochet.
I cannot deny that. Traditionally I crochet: hats, blankets, booties, wash cloths, and miscellaneous amigurumi. I some how stumbled upon Melody's Mystery Create-A-Long. I am not sure exactly how it all fell together, however, I have to admit there was a piece of me that was highly skeptical about how this would really go or how she would keep any sense of a mystery to what we were creating or how fun would it really be. However, I decided to go for it. I signed up, there was a slight registration fee, I think it was $2.99 or something along that line - I figured at minimum I would get a fun new pattern that I could do at some point. I wasn't certain that I would actually keep up with it clue by clue or if it would hold my attention, I get bored easily.
HOWEVER, I LOOOOOVED this crochet create-a-long. I waited with serious anticipation every time a clue was released.

Clue 1: FUN FLOWER - I seriously cannot wait to use this flower again on a hat.

Clue 2:

Clue 3:

Clue 4:

Clue 5: I realized when clue 5 was released and my clue 5 side turned out spread out across the entire side of the square that I had messed up on clue 4, so I unstitched the clue 4 side and corrected it

Clue 6: After clue 6 I was convinced we are making a dress or some sort of a romper.

Clue 7: The skirt did not actually call for the stripes to be added to it - I was bored using the same color and added the stripes in on my own.

Clue 8: Cute little fringe added to the bottom, the neck strap, and the headband were all a part of this last clue. There is a headband option however I added a tiny flower to an alligator clip. 

This was the first dress I have ever crocheted. I was skeptical as I was creating the skirt portion of the dress how it would look and what I thought about a crocheted dress, but I really like it and it turned out fun. The sad part is Luc will probably have to wear it with tights and a long sleeve shirt as we now head into the winter cold.

The best part of this whole thing was the way that this group of crocheters (& knitters - there was a similar knit version of the create a long) became a community. With each release of the pattern the private facebook group worked to get the next clue completed. When someone was struggling the group stepped up and tried to walk the original poster through how to get through the current set of stitches. As each clue was finished pictures were posted and everyone rejoiced as we figured out slowly but surely what we were creating. I think nearly every single color combination was used and in every size. There were variations on the skirt pattern and colors. There were people who whom the pattern was a breeze and others who struggled with each step. Out of it all the support for one another was apparent. The love for the yarn, hook, and project at hand was apparent, but the love for one another, the love of the stranger and helping one another out was the prevailing atmosphere of the group.

This group of yarn addicts gave me hope for the world. Gave me hope that there still is love for the neighbor and the desire to see good in the world and in one another. Stitch by stitch this group of mostly women gave me a breath of fresh air.

There is good in the world and sometimes it shows up in the places where we least expect it.

Where have you seen hope in the world? Where have you found goodness shining?

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