Wednesday, April 8, 2015

On Real Mom Confessions

I am linking up with Anna at Girl with Blog for Real Mom Confessions.

This past week my daughter turned 9 months old. I remembered to take her 9 month pictures because some woman in Target asked how old she was, which in turn forced me to realize that another month is under our belt. {It was holy week, church is nuts, Lucy managed to get a double ear infection again last week} The pictures were taken - although I didn't actually pull out my real camera, thank God for the iPhone and it's camera which takes decent pictures.

It was Easter last week and as a pastor I didn't care one iota what Lucy wore or my daughter worn to church. My mother is a saint, she not only got Lucy a new {and ridiculously cute} outfit, she got her dressed on Easter morning and to church. It wasn't pink {why are all little girls dresses pink} and it can be worn again on other occasions. We also got her nothing for Easter {she's nine months for Pete's sake}, my parents successfully also brought an Easter basket of goodies: books and clothes.

I LOVE Easter left overs and am rejoicing that I don't have to think about meal planning this week as we are feasting on cheesy potatoes, ham, corn, and other Easter delicacies. I intend on rocking these as long as possible. #thanksforcookingmom

My daughter is wearing her pjs to daycare today because I had zero desire to go ALL THE WAY
{really just one flight} downstairs to find her some clean clothes to put together some type of an outfit. There were clean pjs sitting in the drawer. {Really I am just jealous I can't wear sweatpants or pj pants every day to work}

I am off on vacation in just over a week and it can't come soon enough - I sort of feel like I am phoning it in - while attempting to get tons done.


  1. Love it!! Have a great week and enjoy your vacation!!

  2. Love her little bow! Such a sweetheart!

  3. She could not be cuter. And I hear you on going ALL THE WAY downstairs (when it's a flight) foe just about anything. Totally get it. You rock those leftovers, girl. Pastor mamas are hardcore!