Wednesday, April 15, 2015

On Real Mom Confessions

I am linking up with Anna at Girl with Blog and her Mom Confessionals.

I have zero problems getting our laundry washed. In fact I actually like doing laundry and I love having clean laundry. But for one reason or another there is some type of great chasm between getting the laundry out of the basket and put away in it's proper drawer, this week, our clean laundry remained in our laundry basket in our closet while the dirty stuff piled up around it. So we pulled our clothes out of the basket in hopes it wasn't too wrinkly to wear and dumped our clothes at the end of each day in the middle of the floor - the baskets were occupied with the clean stuff.

Our kitchen space has looked like a disaster zone all week. The kitchen table is littered with the vcr and old vhs tapes (I am in the process of transferring all of my mom's old vhs tapes to dvds and digital files), our kitchen island is the catch all for everything, and the kitchen counters I am not even going to discuss. Traditionally, Saturday we opt to go through and clean these off and get them all cleared and ready to go - however this last Saturday we opted to clean out our space under the stairs (we did manage to get rid of 2/3 of our stuff under there) but the kitchen is a disaster as a result. There are only so many hours in the day and so many days. Someday our island, kitchen table, and kitchen counters will be cleaned off again and we won't have to press stuff to the side in order to eat dinner again. Under the steps looks AMAZING and it is totally freeing to have gotten rid of that stuff.

This week  I am embracing the victory of a clean storage room. Forget the rest of the house - some weeks only have time for one success but at least there is one. The baby is still getting up several times a night - some day we will sleep again, someday maybe I will have the energy to do more than just the space under the steps. Until then - I shall continue to take copious amounts of pictures and videos and eat oreos after Lucy goes to bed,  in hopes that I remember these days.


  1. Love the Real Mom Confessions linkup. Love you too friend!

  2. I hear ya on counters and clean laundry holding baskets captive! For us, it seems to be a lot of clutter on high up spaces....the contraband items we don't want the kids into...random lost toy pieces....and whatever else under the sun!

  3. I find sharing these mom confessions so very freeing. :) But, really, I get stuck in the whole laundry process too. And then when I do finally put away the clothes (or, more accurately, ask everyone to put away their clothes ...) I remember it doesn't actually take very long. Thanks for linking up at #ThreeWordWednesday.