Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Things on my hook

This month with the weather FINALLY improving, I have spent a TON less time sitting inside crocheting and things however, I have actually still been working on things. Mom's blanket is coming along slowly but surely, I refuse to let this one fall to the wayside again. I want to be able to cross it off my to-do list and consider it done.

I also have been working a bit on a doll for Lucy's first birthday {July 2} however, I know that summer will be nuts and I won't have a ton of time to crochet once summer starts, so I wanted to get a good head start on it. It is turning out to be a bit bigger than I anticipated because I am using a cotton yarn and the pattern was written for a very thin yarn. I actually think it will be a fun size when it is finished.

I made another sunhat for a dear friend of mine's daughter. Since finding the pattern I have been aching to make a billion of these hats, not only are they easy but they are so fun to make. I love working with cotton yarn. I LOVE this pattern. It is the Easy Sunhat for Him or Her by Mamachee - I love how easy this hat is to make, how cute it turns out and how incredibly versatile it is. The hat really does look cute for a tiny baby (Lucy has one), a toddler, and even all the way up to an adult hat. This hat in my opinion, depending on what colors you choose, works for both males and females, there aren't a ton of hats that I think work so well for both genders and all ages.

off to a set of sisters

I think so far this month I have made 13 of these sunhats all with different color combinations and sizes. I am ready for another project. Time to test my skills with something completely different. I do have my eyes on a dress or a sweater for Lucy that I found ravelry. I love ravelry, I love free patterns. I love that my yarn stash is 100% under control (for now at least). I do also have another giraffe being worked up, both legs are done and now I am onto the body and arms. The giraffe pattern is so simple, I never thought I would enjoy doing this type of work but for one reason or anther once I started to figure out how to do it - I fell in love. 

We leave for vacation this coming week and it is the great debate as to which yarn projects I pack. I thought about not packing any but I know for sure I will regret that decision. I think it will be mom's blanket squares that comes along because that doesn't require multiple yarns or patterns.

Are you making anything fun currently?

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