Sunday, March 22, 2015

What's on my hook

With Valentine's day long past I am over working on hats, HOWEVER, I did decide that Lucy needed a new hat for spring. I made the Easy Sunhat by Mamachee out of a cotton yarn. I really like how incredibly quickly it worked up (it took me less than a movie to make) and how fun it is for spring.  It is time to get rid of the super warm winter hats around here. I am glad I found this pattern. I need to work up a spring hat for myself because my current winter hat is wool and that is FAR too warm for this time of year. A dear friend of mine (who is a crochet rockstar) suggested the Galilee hat in cotton, which I agree would be amazing for a spring hat, so I think I am going to go for that and see how it turns out. The Galilee hat is one of my favorite hats to work up. My husband Marc may also need to get a new spring hat, however, I refuse to make us matching hats, that is strange to me.
I also am FINALLY working on my mom's blanket that she requested years ago (literally), so it should get done this year. I maybe will show you a preview of the squares at some point but I am enjoying it for now, however, I can only do a couple squares and then do something else so I don't get bored with it. 

I also some how stumbled upon these two cute patterns one for the giraffe and one for the sweet little bird and to make it even better, both of these patterns are FREE. Whoop whoop for free patterns. I used cotton yarn for both of these as well. I ordered my eyes off of amazon because I couldn't find ANY in the town I live in or a bigger city near by (thank God for Amazon prime - I am impatient). These were my first attempts at making something other than hats, scarves, booties, blankets, etc. It was quite the challenge, not so much in the making of the individual pieces but the assembly took me a little longer than I had anticipated for the giraffe, the bird was a piece of cake to assemble as it only has two wings, and the tail to add on. The beak of my bird is a piece of felt. I now have added several other projects along this line to my to do list. My favorite crochet blog ( has been featuring some fun projects lately. 

I have started my next dream list of projects for things I would like to crochet:

  • Finish Mom's blanket
    • Goal: finish this by the end of 2015 {Fingers crossed and determination will make this happen}
  • Make Lucy a doll for her birthday {July 2}
  • Spring hat for me
  • Spring hat for Marc
  • Make a couple headband accents for Lucy
  • Very Hungry Caterpillar
  • a dinosaur

Who knows what else will happen or what will get scrapped from the list in hopes of something more appealing?! Oh the joys of crocheting!

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