Friday, March 20, 2015

March Training Update

With my recent registration to the Wine and Dine Half Marathon as well as the dead of winter being over I am finally feeling a bit rejuvenated in terms of training. It is NUTS to think that my first half marathon in almost 2 years is coming up next month. I am excited and nervous all at the same time. I also have been doing some work on getting prepared for my first triathlon (WHICH SCARES THE CRAP OUT OF ME). I ordered a tri kit online because I wasn't finding anything I liked or fit (apparently all women triathletes are short and don't need long shirts - or they were managing to get to the stores before me to buy the long ones).


  • I HATE the treadmill and am looking forward to spring and running outside more than I care to admit
  • I WISH we had a running group in our area that I could take part in - we have a group that meets but they run together on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings {which if you are working in the church these times will NEVER work}
  • We have had a few warmer days which has broken up the ice on the roads which means I HAVE BEEN ABLE TO RUN OUTSIDE a few times {REJOICE}
  • running with a stroller definitely has a learning curve and I haven't mastered it yet


  • I am also ready to get off the bike trainer and get outside 
  • I am loving my new computer on my bike which gives me my speed and how my cadence is as well as my distance and average speed
  • Here shortly I should be able to get outside and start biking
    • we are getting a bike trailer for Lucy when the REI members only sale happens so we get a 20% off coupon


  • At the moment I am getting in one good swim a week - which I am okay with for a little while longer but at some point I want to move this to two swims a week even if they are a little shorter

I am MASSIVELY hoping that this season I am coming into the start of the season better than I have in the past - I am interested to see how this plays out. Traditionally I don't race until the beginning of May, I continue to pray that the weather for my April race isn't horrible or snowy. I HATE running in the rain and the snow.

In exciting news: my first tri kit came in the mail! It took me quite a while to find something that I actually liked, that wasn't completely cut for a tiny woman or super short in length, and wasn't pink and glittery. I did find one eventually and ordered it immediately, it was from a season or two ago (I don't care about this at all) and it was on clearance. 

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