Friday, March 27, 2015

Walt Disney World January Trip Photobook

Last year with Lucy being born I HATE to admit how far I had gotten behind with my photobooks, I HATE catching up with photobooks. I enjoy doing them when I am up to date, but once I get behind I literally DREAD doing them. I don't want to do them, so after last year (I blame Lucy for getting me behind) and having to play MASSIVE catch up I am trying super hard to NOT get behind this year, so far so good. I am up to date with our Marshall family 2015 book and Lucy's first year book is up to date for the most part. The calendar in Lucy's book could use a little bit of work, but that part is easy because I have a calendar that is hanging in her room that I also write everything on so that piece is just filling in the details.

Anyways, I managed to get an 8 by 11 book done for our January trip to Walt Disney World and thought I would share. {I got my book free due to coke rewards points - BONUS}

What is your favorite way to make scrapbooks?
How do you save your pictures so they aren't just stored on your iphone or computer?

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