Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Wine & Dine Half Marathon

MARC is Registered
WE are going to run the Wine and Dine Half Marathon.

PUMPED, now the countdown is REALLY on.
This is going to be Marc's first runDisney event.
My parents (Thanks mom and dad) are coming to watch Lucy so we both can run.

I was a LITTLE nervous at first as you can see my computer screens - it appears as if the runDisney particularly the wine and dine screen was inundated with people who wanted to run. After refreshing my screen {for what felt like no less than 100 times} I FINALLY got in and then I got the inline screen which made me feel a little bit better because at least then I knew I was in line and {praying} going to get a spot for Marc and I. I attempted to work on things while my time ticked away {in all honesty I just watched my timer click down while I re-examined my hopeful training plans and dreamt of Disney}.

I am a little frustrated because we had to get Marc in through a charity runner {I HATE RAISING MONEY} - however, he is raising money for St. Jude {which who doesn't love St. Jude}. I am pretty excited to be able to run with my husband though.

I seriously LOVE runDisney and runDisney events. I love the atmosphere, I love the ways in which they are welcoming and friendly to runners of MOST skill sets. Yes, there is a time minimum but in my opinion it is pretty generous. I full acknowledge that I will NEVER be in the front corals but I ALWAYS feel like I belong at the runDisney events.

I am frustrated with how quickly it sold out. That is freaking nuts! I would be REALLY mad if I was trying to earn my coast to coast medal and didn't get in. Thankfully I have already earned that one.

I AM PUMPED about this trip. {Truth: I am always jazzed to go to Disney, but this one even more so than usual!} I can't wait. THE COUNTDOWN CONTINUES {& the fundraising begins}.

Any fundraising tips for charity running?
Are you running any races?
What races are you most excited about?
What is your all time favorite race?
What is your favorite thing about Disney?

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  1. Congrats on getting registered for Wine and Dine. Those runDisney races are filling up so fast now!