Saturday, January 17, 2015

TWO Days to WDW

I am doing it. I am taking my six and a half month old daughter to Walt Disney World. And I am THRILLED and excited.

Packing has been interesting, usually I am a pack as little as I can and attempt to get it to fit into a carry on bag type of a traveler, this trip, NOT SO MUCH, I have given into the fact that unless I am traveling w/out Lucy I am going to have to check a bag. Uggg. I have entered a new phase of life.

I recognize that the pace of the trip will be a little bit slower than usual, we won't be up early and out late and we won't be able to move at the same pace, however, I think it will be just as fun. We'll have to learn the art of the rider swap, be able to watch Lucy's reaction to the parades and some of the rides that she will be able to go on, and soak up LOTS of sun! The forecast has the weather in the 70s all WEEK and currently only one day has a chance of rain.

Alright, I must be off to go wash some diapers and laundry and do some packing.

Walt Disney World Here WE COME!!!!

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  1. Have fun....but I don't envy your re acclimation to the cold weather again, lol