Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January Training Update

Marc & I have been logging our miles, our minutes spent on the bike trainer, & our laps in the pool.
Day by day we are actually starting to get ready for this upcoming season. My runs are starting to get longer and I am ever so thankful for the tv in front of the treadmill. I got in a five and a half mile run while watching Harry Potter 5. We definitely have charts on the wall where we are logging our biking minutes, our yardage in the pool, & our miles ran.

  • This is probably currently my best effort, I have been getting in a ton of runs which is awesome
    • RIDICULOUSLY thankful to have a treadmill in our basement
  • Being registered for a half marathon in the end of April has me a little nervous and has me focused
    • I suppose this is why I actually signed up for a half - to force me to commit and get on the darn treadmill
  • Uggg I really don't want to discuss this one much, probably the one element I have not done a ton with - I was getting in one super long swim every week until the pool schedule changed and lap swim isn't available when I was swimming - so now I only get in a half hour swim before teaching swim lessons
  • I am ready for the pool to empty out again once swim season ends here in town - I love that the kids are swimming however it feels like all the great times to lap swim are occupied by the kids swim teams
  • Although probably my strongest element of the three
  • I have been doing pretty good about getting on the bike trainer, my problem is I get bored fast on the bike even while watching a movie - I WISH I had a way to track how far I have gone so that I could set distance goals like I do on the treadmill (yeah I know there are back tire distance and pace thingys but I don't want to buy one because I already have one on my front tire that can't be moved)
  • I am making progress here though - I can definitely bike longer w/ what I feel like is greater speed
  • I am getting in quite a bit of time on the bike trainer, just not nearly as much as I would like
Misc. Thoughts on Training:
  • I wish with all of my soul that I thought it was a good idea to get up at five am to workout - I just can't talk myself into it - with a six month old at home who is still getting up three or four times some nights sleep is priceless
  • Small victory: I haven't drank a single soda in all of 2015 (hahaha okay so it is only 20 days in but still a victory for me)
  • I have gotten 10,000 plus steps every day in 2015 (yeah yeah yeah I know it's only 20 days but I am still thrilled by this)
  • I have drank over 80 ounces of water every day in 2015 (yep, I am milking this one for all it's worth) - really the only thing other than water I have drank this year is some milk

I would still like to find an August or September race that appeals to me - date wise it has been ridiculously hard. There was one last year in St. Cloud that would work date wise if they pick the same weekend, I am still waiting for them to announce when the race will be.

Are you training for anything?
I am most excited for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon and have every intent of registering the first day it opens - I have an alert set on my phone to remind me to register Marc & me (Thanks mom and dad for coming to WDW with us so we could both run the Wine and Dine Half Marathon).

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