Sunday, December 14, 2014

Winter Bucket List

My winter to do list in no particular order:
  • Finish my 2014 photo book by mid-January
  • Start my 2015 photo book
    • and keep it up to date
  • Keep up to date w/ Lucy's First Year photo book
  • Snow shoe as often as the weather allows
  • Read the Discovery Series by Wanda E. Brunstetter
    • Goodbye to Yesterday
    • The Silence of Winter
    • The Hope of Spring
    • The Pieces of Summer
    • A revelation in Autumn
    • A Vow for Always
  • Go winter hiking
  • Go winter camping
    • if weather permits
  • Finish my mother's blanket
  • become a cupcake master
    • I want to learn to how to frost cupcakes really well and I have a wonderful woman teaching me how to do it
    • I want to make homemade frosting and bake from the cupcakes from scratch
  • Sew a dress for Lucy
    • I have a pillowcase dress pattern that I would like to attempt to sew
    • I also have a "brown paper bag" pattern pinned on pintrest I want to attempt as well
  • Embroider
    • I would like to work on my embroidery skills
      • my current skills are pretty low - I would like to keep improve
  • Crochet Hats
    • lots and lots of hats
    • I have a secret project that will be revealed at some point but it involves lots of hats
    • try 12 new hat patterns
  • Get back in shape - Lucy was rough on my body
    • with an upcoming triathlon and several road races I really need to focus on running and biking
      • swimming comes ridiculously naturally for me - and the swim is short for the triathlon I am doing soooooooooo I will worry about that come spring - plus I haul 30 to 70 pound weights, I mean children, around the pool for swimming lessons for a couple hours every week - trust me this is more of a work out than I give it credit for
    • go to cycling class at least once a week
  • keep up on Lucy's monthly pictures
  • grow my photography skills
    • learn how to use my camera more, learn more of the features, learn about white balance, learn about focus, learn about editing photos
  • Keep up on once a month cooking
    • I LOVE cooking only once a month, I hate it while I am doing it but after its done and during the month I LOVE IT!
What is on your winter to-do list?
How do you feel about to-do lists?
  • I am a list addict and LOVE having goals and the ability to cross things off of a list is ridiculously gratifying
    • I have been known to put something on my list just to be able to cross it off

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  1. What? You didn't add "make more bullet point lists" ;)