Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Cookie-Palooza

I love this time of year.
I love Christmas.
I love Christmas cookies.
I even love baking Christmas cookies - but not every night and all the time.
I love having a random assortment of Christmas cookies to bring to parties and to have out when people come to visit.
I hate taking multiple nights and multiple days to bake and to clean up 12 times.

One of my friends works at a camp and offered to have us all out to camp (BIG KITCHEN & LOTS of ovens) to have a Christmas cookie baking palooza.

  • to make copious amounts of Christmas cookies
  • to only have to clean up a kitchen once
  • to hang out with friends

We each planned a couple of Christmas cookies and brought the supplies we needed. We purchased as a group: flour, sugar, etc....... and we met up at Camp.

I had premade my dough because it all said that it needed to chill for several hours before using it. I made a pinwheel cookie as well as spritz cookies. My problem for the day was that my dough got "too cold" and was hard to work with so I had to let it warm up a bit before I could bake mine. It was fine because I got to help other folks make their cookies.

It was a marvelous morning. I now have several dozen cookies of a variety of flavors and I am thankful to be done with my holiday baking (although I am a little nervous my husband is going to eat a large portion of the cookies and cut down on the amount that I have to share with others- I suppose worse case when mom comes up in a week and a half I can bake more and she can snuggle Lucy.

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