Thursday, December 18, 2014

ONE MONTH until Disney

Yes, you read that correctly. ONE MONTH from today I (& Lucy & our good friend Suzi) will be on our way to Walt Disney World. Yes, this means I am going to Walt Disney World twice in the same calendar year. This trip has been in the works for less than a month and it happening in a month.

It all sort of fell together randomly and by chance. With using 100% of my 2014 vacation on maternity leave (which I would do again in a heartbeat) I have been ITCHING to go on some type of vacation, to get out of town, to chill, to not work, and to relax a bit. Sooooooo Suzi and I were talking about where we could go for cheapish (she is on sabbatical until February and has some time to travel), and some how she mentioned Disney, and my first gut reaction was: that's not cheap.

HOWEVER, we scored killer deals (think less than $175 per person) for direct flights to Orlando, she is a DVC member and has points to use up (read no cost to me for housing), we are opting to not do the meal plan (I haven't not done the meal plan in many trips, so you will see a report on that when I return), and because we are going again in November (I am running the Wine and Dine Half Marathon) it makes sense for me to buy an annual pass this year (not cheap up front but over the two trips it will pay for itself).

So, long story short, Lucy is going to Disney with me. Yes, I have heard the countless warnings that it isn't worth it to take your kid to WDW until they can remember it, and frankly I don't care, she's coming along anyways. So she won't remember it, we'll have fun spending a few days in the warmth and soaking up the vitamin d. I know this trip will take on a different feel than trips in the past, but that is okay too. I am excited none the less.

Feel free to brace yourselves for copious amounts of Disney related posts in the next few months and really this next year, there will be a lot.

Any tips for traveling with a six month old?
Anyone else planning trips?


  1. When I flew with Nolan by myself at around 7 months to San Diego...the plane rides were cake. This is the age when they are super content to just be on your lap, flirt with other passengers and fall asleep. I highly recommend a good umbrella stroller though for airports and general ease of going light on gear.

    Baby wearing can be taxing if doing it all day, and it's nice to have a place to plop them down to nap and hold a few extra items.

    Use the Disney baby care stations....

  2. another reason to wait to start food! You don't want to have to deal with that at Disney! So fun.