Saturday, December 20, 2014

Training Update

Sometimes Marc and I set ridiculous goals.
We did it.
We made ourselves a chart of our winter goals.
        Between the two of us we want to:
                                         Swim - 100,000 yards
                                         Bike - 100 hours
                                         Run - 500 miles
           And when we succeed we are rewarding ourselves with a hotel stay in Duluth on the water.
                        We gave ourselves from December 1 to May 1.
  • Running
      • Three separate times I went to the local YMCA and couldn't get on a treadmill due to crowding - I couldn't take it - I don't have time to be running back and forth to the ymca to get on the treadmill - when I make the time to work out I want it to happen. I was FRUSTRATED.
    • I have been running 
  • Biking
    • I have been putting in less time on the bike than I was last month due to the new arrival of a treadmill in our house - however - I am still probably biking three days a week
  • Swimming
    • Swimming still isn't super high on my goal list because I am zero percent worried about the swim
    • I am getting in one good long swim a week which feels good all things considered - come spring I know I will need to increase this
  • Nutrition
    • I continue to log what I eat - it is always interesting to see where my calories go and to be honest with how many I have

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