Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Lucy at a mere five months really just loves to be held and frankly doesn't overly care who is holding her, I would like to think that she cares when Marc and I hold her, however, I am not even 100% certain that is always true - she just loves to be held and loves to watch people. Last night I got the opportunity to work at the Spaghetti with Santa dinner for my local Lions club. While setting up and the crowds began to stream in and eat dinner I was chatting with Santa (who by the way was an AMAZING Santa - check out that beard, plus he was OUTSTANDING with the kids, they all loved him) and he and I were talking about how he has 79 visits to make during the month of December alone (although if I were looking for a Santa at an event this guy would be on the top of my list) and then he was making faces at Lucy. At one point he exclaimed - "do I get to hold her or do I just have to stare at her cuteness" - so I placed her down in his arms. Lucy while, the pictures don't necessarily capture it, blew spit bubbles at Santa, babbled, and snuggled right in and nearly fell asleep in his arms as she sat there for about twenty minutes. It wasn't until I had to leave to go clear the tables that I thought I should probably snap a picture (oops) and so hence her photos look like she is half asleep - because she is.
I was excited to be able to get a couple pictures with Santa  and not have to pay an arm and a leg in order to get them. While I don't know that I would have intentionally gone to seek out a Santa (at the mall or somewhere) to take Lucy's pictures with, I think I will be thrilled to have some pictures a few years from now. Being unprepared I am thankful she was in a bit of a neutral outfit yesterday as I didn't even think to pack an outfit in order to get her pictures with Santa. It will be fun to have a series of photos each year of her with Santa, hopefully next year she isn't afraid of him.

Have you been doing anything Christmasy lately?
Any plans to visit Santa?
Have you found a rockstar Santa?

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  1. So cute!!! What an awesome experience for you and her! :)