Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekend Shenanigans

Weekends FLY by - I can hardly fathom that it is already Monday and I have to wait several days before my next one. Being a pastor the idea of weekend is always a little bit of a weird one - I get Fridays off (in theory) and Sunday I have to work (now I may work just the morning or it may stretch into the afternoon, and some evenings I have to work as well. Being a pastor is a little strange in terms of work and when I have to work - however strange it is it is becoming a little bit normal and our family is adjusting and is making it work for us. Fridays for me are traditionally my get my mountain of laundry done type of day as well as clean everything that I didn't get to in my weekly rotation - I try to clean something/somewhere every day during the week, and some weeks this goes amazingly well and other weeks I can't seem to get any of them done. In theory it works well if I actually manage to get it done. I must admit that I love a clean house, I love a house without stuff stacked here and there, I love a house where everything has it's place and stuff isn't just laying around aimlessly. I am weird like that.
This weekend we also got to hang out with some friends of mine. Several years ago we would get together every couple of weeks and create things, craft things, and crochet things, now on the other hand between the three of us we have five kids all under the age of four. Oh how times have changed, now we get together, drink coffee, and let the kids play while we exchange conversations between interactions with the kids. The youngest three are all within a few months of each other (8 months, 4 months, & 2 months) - Lucy is still the peanut. It will be fun as these guys get a little older and can interact with one another a little bit more. 
Marc and I do spend a lot of time at the local YMCA working out, however, with Lucy it has gotten a little bit more complicated.  We do have a bike trainer set up in our basement and I feel like both of us have spent a ton of time downstairs on the bike trainer, Dakota usually protests and lays next to us, I imagine dreaming of warmer days when we could take her for long runs outside. 
If you follow me on instagram you know that I have been crocheting quite a bit lately in attempt to use up all of the little balls of yarn laying around my house. This weekend's project was a Zebra by Repeat Crafter Me. I have REALLY been trying to work on my ability to add things onto hats, my preference by FAR is to just put the design into the hat and not have to do much if anything afterwards. If I am truly honest I don't even really like doing ear flaps, however, I tolerate them as I need to because I think they are RIDICULOUSLY cute on little kids not to forget I find them practical. This was my Zebra, and the first time I have done stitching with yarn rather than with thread, it is a little tricky, but I think I like the way it turned out, and the mane made me a bit nervous as well, but I will take it for sure.
Of course there was lots of playing on the floor, Lucy continues to be fascinated by this super random hanging/dangling toy thingy by infantino that she got as a gift, we love it and we have even attached a few rings and some extra toys (note the square hanging in the background as well as the Minnie Mouse in the front). She loves to have the music going on the elephant which spins the butterflies, she actually will lay there for quite a while before she gets frustrated and wants something else or to be picked up. Dakota has learned that she can wiggle under the toys and get right up next to Lucy, naturally I have yet to capture a great picture of this happening, but trust me it is wicked cute.

We also went to the dog park for a bit in hopes of letting Dakota run and play and get out her crazy. I feel bad for Dakota in the winter on several reasons:
  • It is cold, so we can't be outside as much 
  • Her paws get cold eventually
  • Her walks are shorter due to the ice that laces the ground
  • we don't just hang out outside like we do in the summer
  • currently it is hunting season, which means we have to be extra careful on where we walk and what time we walk and we have to leave her on her leash a little bit more than we normally would when we are in certain areas that she would usually get to run free 
  • she misses summer and swimming in the lake but does love rolling in the snow
On Saturday Marc went to Dumb and Dumber 2 with a couple of his friends (he had offered to find a babysitter so I could go, however I had ZERO interest in going - I would rather save that money and go to another movie or just netflix it when it comes out - I have no need to see it right now), so Lucy and I worked on making the cutout cookie dough for the day after Thanksgiving frosting party at Marc's grandparents. I didn't think I would have time to actually get the dough made with enough time for it to chill for 72 hours before baking, sooooo it is chilling now in our fridge and we will bake it next Sunday after I get home from work.

Sunday we also watched the Vikings lose (whoop whoop) and the Packers win. We are die hard Packers fan. Lucy was surprisingly delightful all game and spent most of the game drooling and blowing spit bubbles and smiling at us. It was a good ending to the weekend. Sunday night we also prep everything so Monday morning isn't such madness.

How was your weekend?
Did you do anything fun?
  • I am a little jealous of everyone who got to run races this weekend, especially those who got to run the RunDisney Avengers run. I am so ready to get back into the race seasons.


  1. How old is little Lucy? She's adorable!! My middle name is Lou {after my Grandma} & to this day my nickname is Lucy. :) It is a strong contender if & when we have a baby girl!

    Are you in WI, too? We are so happy when the Vikings lose & the Packers win. Okay, we are happy anytime the Packers win. My brother-in-law was born & raised in MN {my sister moved there} & is a die-hard Vikings fan. Boo!

  2. Yes, the weekly cleaning list can be hit or miss. Nothing like having to tell your daughter to just wear her pjs without underwear because we ran out of clean ones and mommy was slacking in the laundry dept!

  3. Your Lucy is absolutely precious and looks so cute in the bubbles photo. I do some needlepoint and quilting, but I have only knit one sweater when I took a class. Your hats are really fun!