Thursday, November 20, 2014

NovemberTraining Log

I am going to attempt to put up some training updates each month rather than a week by week update - mostly because I find training updates boring to write about (and I don't have fun pictures to go with it) - however, I do need to be accountable for what I am doing.

I am a bit nervous about the upcoming triathlon, mostly because it is a bit out of my realm of reality at this point. I have been massively focusing on the biking aspect. If I am truly honest I am a bit nervous about the entire next season, I feel sooooo out of shape at this point. Uggggg.
  • Running
    • I am averaging about 3 runs a week
    • I am no where near the distance that I would like to be at, but slowly but surely I am building my mileage back up - while I have been able to log lots of miles outside - I am fearing these days are numbered and the treadmill and I are about to become bffs
      • I REFUSE to run on ice. I hate running on ice, I hate the fear of slipping and getting hurt, I hate how nervous I am when running on ice and don't enjoy my runs when on ice - so I just don't do it
    • I currently go the the local YMCA to run on the treadmill - Marc and I have discussed using some money we have been saving up to buy a treadmill and think we will probably bite the bullet and get one so that we can have one in our basement.
      • The YMCA isn't bad currently, however, at some point they start to become strict about the half hour per machine rule and that drives me nuts
  • Biking
    • I have been putting in a TON of time on the bike
      • my legs are feeling it too
    • I have been attending one or two cycling classes a week
      • my first few classes I am fairly certain I was about to die several times throughout class - that is a ridiculously good workout
    • We also have a bike trainer in our basement
      • we are able to hook our road bikes up to here and bike in the basement - it has been fun to be able to go downstairs while Lucy is napping and ride for an hour or so and get a good sweat happening
      • I think this will be super handy in the winter months
  • Swimming
    • Honestly, I haven't been focusing much on swimming - why, because it probably is the one aspect that comes most naturally to me, thanks mom and dad for putting me in swimming lessons before I could even walk, and the distance required is not that far for this triathlon - 600 meters
    • I also feel like this is not where I will gain that much time, yes, I have ways in which I can improve upon my swimming (I am no Michael Phelps), however, in terms of gaining time my best option for cutting time on race day really is on the bike. Yes, I can swim faster and run faster but due to their short natures, the amount of time I will cut is not at the same level as in the biking
    • Not to forget I am now back to teaching swimming lessons (this is bitter sweet and I have a love hate relationship with it) - which means that I am hauling around the pool 30 to 70 pound children for an hour and a half every Tuesday night and this is a RIDICULOUSLY good workout - if you doubt it you go tread water and semi swim while lugging around a child, particularly one who is afraid of the water.
  • Nutrition
    • I have been logging what I eat in the myfitnesspal app in hopes of getting a better look at what I am eating and where my calories are coming and that has been helpful to point to where my needs are
    • In the app I also have been able to log my water intake (which had been severely lacking) and I am finally coming back around to decent water intake (at least 100 ounces a day)

Getting back in shape is hard work, and results always seem so slow when at this point, however, I know the perseverance will pay off. I find myself jealous of my husband at times, he trains for a couple days and starts to see results and loses weight and what not. Ugggg boys. But slowly but surely I will get back at it.

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